Drug dealer jailed after being caught with over £300,000 in cash and narcotics

Edinburgh High Court
Edinburgh High Court

A dozy East Dunbartonshire drugs dealer was arrested for the FOURTH time after the cops he invited into his house smelled some of his lucrative narcotics stash worth almost £300,000, a court has heard.

Brian Wylie (44) was taken into custody after he tried to help police investigating an attempted break in at his flat in Kirkintilloch’s West High Street in December 2016.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard how Wylie told officers they could come into his property in the early hours of December 17 last year.

The PCs noticed a “strong smell of cannabis” and then started investigating whether Wylie was keeping drugs.

The court heard how police found almost one and a half kilos of cocaine with a maximum street value of £236,560, amphetamine worth £38,924 and £14,400 of cannabis.

They also found cash £25,569.20 which cops reckoned came from the drugs trade.

Now Wylie faces proceeds of crime action from prosecutors.

The story emerged on Tuesday (June 6) after Wylie pleaded guilty before judge Lord Uist to being involved in the supply of cocaine, amphetamine and cannabis.

Lord Uist decided to jail Wylie for nine years after hearing how he had three previous high court convictions for drugs. Wylie received community service in 1992 and a three year and five year prison sentence in 1995 and 2008 for his offending.

Passing sentence, Lord Uist said: “These sentences which were imposed upon you have not deterred you from further offending.

“You must have been well aware of the risks you undertook with participating in these activities and you now must face the consequences.”

Earlier in proceedings, prosecution lawyer Martin Richardson told the court how Wylie’s home at 19B West High Street was the subject of an attempted house breaking on December 16 2016.

At about 1.50am the following day, police received a report that somebody had returned to the house. Officers had been told that people thought the housebreakers had returned.

The court heard that when police got there, they found Wylie was inside the pad.

Mr Richardson said: “The officers explained about the reports they had received and requested that the accused identify himself and provide identification.

“The accused advised the officers that he was aware of the earlier incident and had spoken to police at that time.

“He then invited the officers into the flat so that they could confirm his identity and ensure no other persons were within.

“Upon entry into the flat, the officers noticed a strong smell of cannabis. The police officers and the accused then went into the living room.

“At this point, the police officers became suspicious of the accused as he as sweating profusely, his pupils were dilated and his speech was nervous. The accused kept placing his left hand within a pocket of his hooded jacket.

“Accordingly on this basis together with strong smell of cannabis, the police decided to caution the accused at common law and detain him. The police also asked the accused for permission to search the flat.

“The accused consented to this search and signed a statement to this effect in a police officer’s notebook.”

Officers then found the drugs in Wylie’s house. They also removed a bag of amphetamine from a pocket in his jacket and found an envelope marked Christmas money which containing £1,000 in cash and a further £136 in mixed bank notes from his trouser pocket.

The court heard that Wylie was then arrested and charged. He made no comment during his interview at Clydebank Police office.

Defence advocate Tony Graham told the court that Wylie had agreed to keep the drugs in his home after being approached by the people who sold him narcotics.

Mr Graham said his client, who is a self employed joiner, was a drug user and moved into the flat after his marriage had ended.

Mr Graham added: “He was offered an opportunity by those who who supplied him with drugs to use the property as a safe house.”

Prosecutors will launch a proceeds of crime action against Wylie later this year.