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MOTORISTS have been sent round the bend by a plague of “confusing and unnecessary” road works and signs.

Drivers in Bearsden and Milngavie have been hit with a bewildering series of closures and diversions over the past few months.

Routine journeys have been turned into trials of endurance as carriageway repairs and gas works are carried out all at the same time.

Motorist Peter Ogg hit out this week at the lack of “joined up thinking” by road planners - especially in Bearsden, where problems have been compounded by Milngavie Road being reduced to one lane in both directions near Asda.

The bank worker said: “In my opinion there are too many roadworks in Bearsden being undertaken at the same time, some needless road closures, and so many diversions that they overlap each other causing confusion.

“There is no hurry to get the roads re-opened either. A case in point was Manse Road that was open last weekend, but the road closed signs remained in place. As you approach this one, there is a sign saying ‘follow diversion’, then 20 feet on ‘diversion ends’. The shortest diversion in history? I know the diversion starts and ends there, but it is still confusing.”

Further up Drymen Road past Manse Road there is also a diversion for Edgehill Road.

Mr Ogg said: ”If you follow that you will not get to the other side of Manse Road. There is no natural diversion for Manse Road heading in that direction unless you go all the way to Milngavie and back round. The junction of Baillie Drive, Edgehill Road and Campsie Drive is also closed.”

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