Down Memory Lane

Westerton, Maxwell Avenue
Westerton, Maxwell Avenue

50 YEARS AGO - British Railways is looking into the feasibility of providing more trains at peak morning times.

Between 7 and 8am the number of trains into Glasgow from Milngavie is felt to be insufficent.

Workers say there are no trains between 7.05 and 7.50, but that there is a more frequent service to after 8am to accommodate office workers starting at 9am.

One worker from Milngavie Allan Brown said if there was a train at 7.20am that would be ideal for him but the 7.05 train was to early and the 7.50 would make him late for work.

However Milngavie station Master Mr Young said more trains between 7 and 8 was a difficult propositon due to congestion at Westerton at peak times.