Down Memory Lane


OctoBER 25, 1912

A MILNGAVIE man was injured by a runaway horse.

The incident happened while the horse was pulling a lorry containing empty milk cans along Gairbraid Street, Maryhill, on Sunday morning, near Avenue Park Street.

The shafts on the lorry became detached from the vehicle after a pin dropped out and the horse became frightened and bolted.

Michael Duffy (24), the driver, who lives at Keystone Farm, Milngavie, held on to the reins, but was pulled off the lorry, and the wheels ran over his body.

The horse was eventually brought to a standstill by Police Sergeant McLean. Mr Duffy was taken to the Western Infirmary, he had sustained injuries to his left side and right arm.

TherE were exceptionally good houses at the Picture Palace, and the report in the Herald says this was because of the ‘good fare that is continually supplied’.

There were extra good programmes lined up for the weekend and on Monday a great picture entitled “The Black Chancellor” was due to occupy the screen for about an hour.

This picture has been drawing big houses in other parts of the country, and there was no doubt that it would do the same in Milngavie.


OctoBER 23, 1937

COUNCILLOR Frank Beaumont B.A. gave an interesting talk on the subject “A Bookman’s Memories” at Milngavie Literary Society’s meeting in the public school the previous Friday.

He said he began gathering books at a very early age, although he was brought up in practically a bookless home, and it was the “Boys’ Own paper” that first gave him a thirst for literature.

He recalled many of the famous books he’d read during his lifetime, and passed round for inspection a copy of Dr Samuel Johnston’s “The Rambler”, which was published in 1786.

THE Milngavie branch of the League of Nations Union opened their session for the winter on Tuesday evening with a meeting at the Burgh Hall. Over 100 people were present with Mr Hugh MacIntyre presiding.

During the evening two films were shown, one depicting Geneva at work, and the other portraying the horrors of war.

Several distinguished ladies, notably Countess Asquith and Miss Madeline Carroll, the actress, made strong appeals for peace.

The chairman thanked everyone who came but said he was disappointed that the hall was not full.


OctoBER 26, 1962

THE withdrawal of free season tickets from certain pupils in the Milngavie area, who travel by bus to attend Bearsden Academy, was questioned by Councillor Alex Buchanan when the minutes of the education committee came before the county council for approval on Wednesday.

It was reported that the standing group of members had reconsidered the decision to withdraw season tickets from pupils in the Milngavie area who were within two miles of Bearsden Academy.

Councillor Buchanan complained of the hardship entailed as some children had to go a long way to get to school.

WHAT is the Burgh doing for its womenfolk was the question that was going to be asked at the next meeting of the Bearsden Toastmistress Club in the Rio Cinema on Monday October 29.

Topics for discussion would include: have the social amenities in Bearsden altered for the better with gaining burgh status? What new benefits are brought by the local council? Does it require 15 councillors to determine the policy for a cleansing department with one dust cart? A general discussion will follow.


OctoBER 23, 1987

CONCERNS over the loss of the District Council homeless persons’ unit at 5 Claremont Drive, Milngavie, were voiced at the recent meeting of Milngavie Community Council.

Community Councillor Elaine Symington said she had read with concern, the Herald story which reported that the sale of the homeless unit to Key Housing was to go ahead.

Mrs Symington said: “I appreciate that Key Housing Association plan for this home to be used by the profoundly handicapped. However, I am also worried about the needs of the homeless locally.”

VISITORS to Milngavie Library were going to get the opportunity to learn more about one of the smaller Christian denominations, The Religious Society of Friends, popularly known as Quakers.

A travelling exhibition of pictures and words was going to be on display to tell people more about their history, beliefs and activities.

The article says there was a small Quaker congregation in Milngavie and Bearsden which held its meeting for worship twice a month in the Fraser Centre.


OctoBER 25, 2002

THERE was a warning that there could be another outbreak of cryptospiridium at Milngavie waterworks after flooding again washed hillside water into the reservoir.

List MSP Brian Monteith joined Mugdock residents in their condemnation of Scottish Water for their ‘staggering incompetency and sloth’.

The previous outbreak of cryptospiridium was thought to have been caused by torrential rainfall from fields, previously used for grazing sheep, running through a broken wall into the reservoir.

THE scholars from Douglas Academy were given the money they needed to travel to a prestigious youth debating event in Italy.

East Dunbartonshire Council stepped in to make sure that the 10 S6 and former S6 pupils would be able to represent the UK in the competition at the next international session of the European Parliament in Turin the following month.