Down Memory Lane

down memory lane colpi at milngavie primary
down memory lane colpi at milngavie primary

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Down memory lane

Down memory lane

100 YEARS AGO - September 6, 1912

THE BODY of Mr E MacDonald, headmaster of Hillhead High School, Glasgow, who was drowned at Cullen while bathing on August 12 was found yesterday to the east of Cullen, beside Messrs Gardener’s boatbuilding shed. His body, covered in sand, had been carried across the bay nearly two miles from the scene of the tragedy, and was taken to the boatbuilding shed until Mr MacDonald’s relatives gave further instructions.

THE funerAL of a young man, John Stevenson (son of John Stevenson, Lilybank, Clober Road, Milngavie) who was killed in a motor accident last week at Scotstoun, took place on Saturday. Two services were held - one in the house which was presided over by Rev Mr Edgar, the other in the Laundry Despatch Room by Rev Mr Young. More than a hundred mourners attended the funeral, including a large number of the deceased lad’s comrades. Quite a number of prominent townsfolk were also present - Provost Fields, Councillor Learmont, ex-Provost Fairlie, ex-Provost Higgins and others. The interment took place at New Kilpatrick Cemetery.

75 YEARS AGO - September 4, 1937

THERE was a report about a ‘very pretty and interesting wedding’ which took place at St Luke’s Church, Milngavie, between Mr John W Cooke, commercial traveller, younger son of the late Mr John Cooke and Mrs Cooke, Mosspark, Glasgow, and Miss Etta West, only daughter of Mr Robert West J.P. and Mrs West, 8 Craigdhu Road, Milngavie. The bride, well known in the district, was a teacher in Atholl Preparatory School since it opened and was very popular with pupils and parents. She looked very pretty in a gown of deep ivory moire taffeta, cut in Princess lines, with a short train and veil of tulle, she carried a sheaf of Madam Chatenay roses.

MR JoHN Morrison from Clober Road, died suddenly last week and the article commented that as a result Milngavie had lost one of its oldest and most highly respected citizens. Mr Morrison, who was 83 years old, was a native of Slammannan, and had resided in the burgh for over 60 years. He was employed for many years in Burnbrae Dye Works (now defunct) and acted for a time as instructor of a flute band which was carried on by the workers. He became a greenkeeper at Claremont Bowling Club, of which he was a founding member, after being forced to retire from the Dye Works. He was survived by his widow, one son and two daughters, one of the latter lived in Australia.

50 YEARS AGO - September 7, 1962

THE new BurGH rate for Milngavie was agreed at the monthly meeting of Milngavie Town Council - it was set at 19 shillings and nine pence, with a domestic water rate of ten pence, making a total of 20 shillings and seven pence. The new rate is an increase of two shillings one pence on last year’s rate which was 18 shillings - with a water rate of six pence making a total of 18 shillings and six pence. But before the new rate was adopted Hon Treasurer Jas Macgowan threatened to resign.

MR DAVID KennedY-Fraser of Edge o’ the Moor, Milngavie, passed away peacefully at his home on Sunday, August 26 and the funeral took place at the Glasgow Crematorium the following Tuesday afternoon. Mr Kennedy-Fraser, who was 76, was a former lecturer in psychology at Jordanhill College of Education, Glasgow. He was well known in educational circles for his work in teaching handicapped children and was an author of a book about children with learning difficulties. He was survived by his wife and three daughters.

25 YEARS AGO - September 4, 1987

CHESTNUT LANE, off Stockiemuir Road in Milngavie, emerged as the housing committee’s favoured site for the district’s permanent home for travelling people. Following a re-examination of all the proposed sites in the district, members of the housing committee, at a special meeting in Boclair Chambers, voted to recommend to the full district council that Chestnut Lane was the best site. They felt that the site should be north west of Milngavie in the traditional travellers area and close, but not too close, to communities and facilities and should be readily serviced and have pleasant surroundings.

PARENTS of children at a Bearsden Primary School were up in arms because their children were being taught on a school stage. The primary two class at Colquhoun Park Primary was receiving lessons on a stage and parents claimed it was a most unsuitable place as there was no flourescent lighting, constant noise from the gym/dining hall from which the stage was separated by folding doors. The noise included gym lessons, sports practice, television programmes and the preparation of table for school meals.

10 YEARS AGO - September 6, 2002

CARING HerALD readers swamped the Rutledge family with offers of help after their disabled daughter’s walking frame was snatched by callous thieves. Eight-year-old Lucy, who has cerebral palsy, was devastated after the cruel theft from her Milngavie home but kind bosses at Munro Pharmacy in Milngavie have now paid £500 to buy her a new frame. The pharmacy was one of several benefactors to offer help after being touched by Lucy’s story. Asda wanted to donate £300 towards the cost of a new frame and decided to give that money to Lucy’s riding school The Riding for the Disabled Association in Summerston instead.

SIX kind-hearted volunteers stepped in to help save Oxfam in Bearsden from closure. Organisers breathed a sigh of relief after they were swamped with offers of help following an urgent volunteer appeal in the previous issue of the paper. The Drymen Road shop was faced with closure because of a chronic shortage of unpaid workers but six people, ranging from schoolchildren to pensioners, offered to help.