Down Memory Lane

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PICTURES reproduced from the photographic collection of the East Dunbartonshire Leisure and Culture Trust held at Brookwood Library, Bearsden.

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100 YEARS AGO - July 12, 1912

JOHN McAulay from Newton, Milngavie, was fined £2 and two shillings at Greenock Sheriff Court for exceeding the speed limit in his car in Cardwell Road, Gourock, on June 23. He was travelling at 27 miles an hour, 7 miles in excess of the limit. It was stated that the offence took place on a Sunday afternoon, at a narrow part of the road, when the roadway was busy and a number of children were about.

AN article about the lambing season said: “One of the most pleasing features of rural life at this period is the presence of the lambs in the fields and along the hillsides. Favoured by the weather, the young fleecy creatures have done well, and flockmasters are likely to feel satisfied with the crop. The life of a shepherd is a most strenuous one, and the man who undertakes his pastoral responsibilities must have a stout heart, good muscle, and more than a little patience and endurance.”

75 YEARS AGO - July 10, 1937

A BUDGERIGAR, a rare bird in the district, was found caught in a tree at the railway station and taken to the police office. The police put the bird in a suitable cage and placed a small hand mirror so that his reflection would give him the impression that he had company. The police hope that this will only be a temporary home for him and that someone will volunteer to be his new owner.

MR and MRS James Major from 5 First Street, Clydebank, celebrated their golden wedding on Thursday, March 25. Their wedding, which was held in the Black Bull Hotel, Milngavie, 50 years ago, incidentally was the first function to be held in the hotel. Mr Major played for Milngavie Athletic and Accrington, an English League club.

50 YEARS AGO - July 13, 1962

A REPORT in the paper claimed that the parking problem at Bearsden Cross had become so acute, particularly in Roman Road near the shops, that “No Waiting” signs had been erected on the school side, and cones prohibiting parking were placed along the pavement in front of the shops - an area which used to be open for parking. Drivers who ignore the cones were being warned by the police to move on and in one case a motorist had complained to the Town Council that the police were taking action against him.

FLAMES from the blaze at Bearsden Scout Hall in Jubilee Path reached a great height and this dramatic image was captured by a young Herald reader, Raymond Prentice of Roman Drive, Bearsden, and published in the paper. Although the Fire Brigade were quickly on the scene after the alarm was raised, they were hampered by the lack of adequate water supply near to hand and the fire completely destroyed the wooden building. It was not know what had caused the outbreak of fire and after the police made inquiries they prosecuted a suspect.

25 YEARS AGO - July 10, 1987

A LOCAL road feature from a by-gone age - the famous ford on Milngavie’s Baldernock Road - was under threat. Strathclyde Region’s Roads Department had plans to culvert Tinkers Burn and raise the road level - destroying one of Scotland’s few fords on a public road. They were concerned that the road was prone to icing over in winter. Chief planning officer at Bearsden and Milngavie District Council, Walter Hemfrey, asked them to reconsider their plans, he said: “The whole character and amenity of this road is really olde worlde and this ford is part of that character. There is very little traffic on the road and I’ve not heard of any particular accidents there in the winter.”

THREE Milngavie girls returned home from an exciting two week trip around Scotland in a schooner. Rosanne McDougall (16) of Endrick Gardens, Eileen McKechnie (16) of Heathfield Drive, and Anne Forbes (17) of Glassford Street, were trainees on board the sailing ship “Malcolm Miller.” Rosanne and Anne took part in the trip as the residential element of the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards and all three girls learned of the trip with only a few days notice. Their duties included the usual ocean-bound varieties.

10 YEARS AGO - July 12, 2002

POLICE were shocked to find a drunken 12-year-old in a gutter in Bearsden. Officers say the boozed up schoolkid was not in a fit state to take care of himself when they found him in Duntocher Road on a Thursday night. The incident was described as “disturbing” by the police and councillors and sparked calls for a youth cafe to be established in Bearsden.

FIVE youngsters caused a gun scare last week when householders saw them pointing a weapon at each other. Alarmed residents alerted the police when they saw the boys near the water feature on Douglas Muir Road in Milngavie. A spokesperson for the Mains Estate Residents Association said she had spoken to the boys, aged around 12, earlier but was subjected to a torrent of abusive language.

GAVIN’S MILL . . . unfortunately there is no date for this picture of Gavin’s Mill in Milngavie but a horse and cart in the background suggests it may date back to the 1800s. (Ref: mc20906ff)

MILNGAVIE TOWN HALL . . . the old town hall was demolished after it was destroyed by a fire, unfortunately the date of this picture is not known. (Ref: mc20906gg)

PAST-TIMES . . . Craigend Castle coach house at Mugdock Country Park near Milngavie in the 1930s, it is now a visitor centre, cinema and cafe. (Ref: mc20906hh)