Down Memory Lane

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100 YEARS AGO - June 28, 1912

SCHOOLS in the area broke up for the summer holidays and the occasion was somewhat a lower key affair than the previous when they celebrated King George V’s Coronation. Pupils were presented with end of year prizes and commended for all the hard work they had put in to their studies over the last academic year. Meanwhile, at Bearsden School, which in 1912 housed both primary and secondary pupils, George Murray from Banff Academy was appointed to teach English and Classics.

MILNGAVIE Town Council had its annual trip to Rothesay Bay and Dunoon. It was reported that the officials wives and children also came along, but that the weather was not kind to them. The Herald described the conditions on the train journey from Queen’s Street station, stating: “under grey skies the hills wore the sombre trappings of a rainy day.” At Partick the group picked up the Provost and some other members of the party before carrying on the meet the steamer, The Talisman at Craigendoran.

75 YEARS AGO - June 26, 1937

JOHN MCLUCKIE, a retired beekeeper from 29 Douglas Street, Milngavie was killed when he was hit by a cart that came away from its horse in Park Road. Mr McLuckie had been talking to friends, when the horse bolted. The driver managed to turn the horse into Park Road, but the cart ran onto the pavement, colliding with the victim.

THE Scottish 100 mile cycle race record was broken by J. Taylor from Milngavie from the Clarion Cycling Club in 4hrs 36mins 18secs, beating the record by 3mins 1sec in a race organised by the Glasgow Ivy Cycling Club.

MEMBERS of the Milngavie branch of the Spanish Aid Committee raised £33 to help towards supporting the 4,000 Basque refugees children in Britain. The committee raised the money after holding a garden fete at Craig-y-Barns. The fete was organised by a ladies’ subcommittee, under the convenership of Mrs Anderson. Claremont Bowling Club also assisted by lending chairs and table for the event.

50 YEARS AGO - June 29, 1962

ON the site of Milngavie’s Marks & Spencers there used to be a pub called the Black Bull. Fifty years ago it was reported that a 15th century well had been discovered at its back door. The well came to light after workmen carrying out building work uncovered it. Luckily it was not damaged and was in perfect condition. An expert from Glasgow University, Mr Mackie, confirmed that the well was of 15th century origin and further excavations were carried out under his supervision. The well was 20 feet deep and the water level is about eight feet down. It had been covered in slabs and was three feet from the surface.

MILNGAVIE Town Council got tough on tenants who gave false information to secure a council house by evicting one of them from a property in Craigash Road. At a meeting a majority vote was taken to implement this new policy despite representations from Dean of Guild N. Baxter, who said by putting the tenant out of the house they would not only be punishing the tenant but the whole family. But in response, J. Buchanan, convener of the house property committee said the gentleman in question got his house under false pretences and this deprived an honest family of a much needed home.

25 YEARS AGO - June 26 1987

THE new extension to Brookwood Library, Beardsen, was running £40,000 over budget even before the first brick was laid. The District Council’s leisure and recreation committee recommended that a tender of £640,000 be awarded to Hunter and Clark Limited from Glasgow. The original estimate was £602,000, but this did not include cost of a fire and intruder system. Councillor Eric Gotts asked the committee why these items had not been included in the original estimate and director of technical services Bill Dudgeon replied that it was not until after further investigation that it was discovered the old wiring would have to be replaced, pushing up the cost. The additional cost could not be included in the original estimate until the investigation had been done.

THE green light was given for new council flats at 66 to 72 Maxwell Avenue in Bearsden. The proposal from Bearsden and Milngavie District Council will see a block of six three-apartment flats built and the refurbishment of an existing building into two apartment flats.

10 YEARS AGO - June 28, 2002

MILNGAVIE Youth Cafe made the news for all the wrong reasons. The Herald reported a terrifying gang siege at the young peoples’ drop in centre on Mugdock Road, after a group of youths, one on a scooter and others in a car, armed with baseball bats tried to break into the centre. The youngsters had to be locked inside for their own protection by a youth worker. One youngster said: “We were playing pool and these guys turned up with baseball bats. There were about five or six kids in the cafe at the time. They kept driving outside and were doing handbrake turns. They were trying to find another way in.”

A SOCIAL worker was suspended after an overspend of £1.4m was discovered in the council’s budget. The woman was barred from her office for two weeks while an investigation into the overspend was investigated and disciplinary action taken. A council spokesperson said the suspension was ‘precautionary’ and was in line with national employment law.