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100 YEARS AGO - April 26, 1912

A 21-YEAR-OLD man fractured his skull after he had an accident on his bike on Canniesburn Hill in Bearsden. James Stewart, a riveter from Yoker, was doing a cycling tour with his cousin when he got into trouble cycling down the hill.

A bread van, followed by a motor wagon, was coming up the hill and James’ cousin shouted to him to tell him they were approaching. James attempted to pull on the brakes but they didn’t work and he was thrown over the handle bars, falling heavily on the road and against the van. Dr John Young from Bearsden attended to him and then he was taken by ambulance to the Western Infirmary where he lay unconscious for a few days.

A 10-YEAR-OLD boy from South Erskine Park, Bearsden, was hit by a car on a public road between Milngavie and Canniesburn, opposite the entrance gate leading up to the platform at Hillfoot Railway Station. William Simons, who lived with his father William Easton Simons, an engineer, was running across the road when the accident happened. He sustained a severe laceration of the scalp on the left side and a fracture to part of his skull. Dr Young was sent for and he had him removed to Miss McAlpine’s Home, 121 Hill Street, Garnethill, Glasgow, where he was said to be progressing as well as could be expected.



75 YEARS AGO - April 24, 1937

THE paper announced the sudden death of Mrs Kenny, wife of James Kenny, at her residence “Laurelbank”, Milngavie. Mrs Kenny, who had not been in the best of health for some time, felt unwell in the morning and sent for a doctor, but she had succumbed before his arrival. She was said to have been very popular by all who knew her and the funeral was going to be held at Hillfoot Cemetery.

J. G. Bone of Lennox Avenue, Milngavie, Scotland’s Olympic cycling champion, won the Glasgow Nightingale 25 miles race, and broke the record for the course. He clocked one hour two minutes 50 seconds, beating his nearest rival, J. Brinkins, by two minutes eight seconds. Glasgow Wheelers had a gala day for the first three awards and team prize. W. H. Milne was their third member with one hour and five minutes.

MILNGAVIE Public School was due to hold an annual concert in the Burgh Hall to raise funds for the Sick Poor Fund of Milngavie.

50 YEARS AGO - April 20, 1962

THE front page of the paper showed pictures of Milngavie’s new town hall, which was opened by Lady Cunningham Graham on Saturday, March 31. The article said: “From the rubble and ashes of the old town hall, has risen the magnificent new building.” The old town hall, which was destroyed by fire in April 1940, was opened on December 6, 1877, by the then Provost James Watt. Provost Kennedy laid the foundation stone of the new building at a ceremony in March 1961 which was attended by most local dignitaries. The burgh’s senior minister, Rev J. Stuart Hall, performed the dedication. The new building was designed by architect Michael Bowley whose design was chosen out of 80 entries in a competition which asked architects from all over Britain to submit entries.

A 22-YEAR-OLD army absentee, who posed as a representative of the electricity board to get into a house in Milngavie and steal money from a handbag, admitted two charges of theft at Dumbarton Sheriff Court. The fiscal told the court that Joseph Gough of Balmoral Crescent, Coatbridge, asked the occupier’s sister for a screwdriver and when she went to look for one he took £63 from her handbag and left the house. A warrant was already out for Gough’s arrest as he was an absentee and he was detained in custody pending a probation report.

25 YEARS AGO - April 24, 1987

A 72-YEAR-OLD deaf and dumb Bearsden lady was swindled when bogus workmen got into her house and stole her savings. Two men, pretending to be central heating engineers, entered her house in the council’s Kirk Road development and after they had left the lady discovered that a large amount of money was missing from her wardrobe.

STRATHCLYDE Regional Council asked the secretary of state for Scotland, Malcolm Rifkind, to waive the rates on the homes belonging to the Bearsden flood victims which had been uninhabitable for three months. Dr Harry Birbeck, spokesman for the flood victims, said this would lift a small burden from their shoulders during a period of extreme stress. The regional council authority had no powers to waive rates and in a recent meeting, Councillor Alex McLean, chairman of the water committee, agreed to urge the Scottish secretary to use the power available to him to help those who had been badly affected by the floods.

10 YEARS AGO - April 26, 2002

A MILNGAVIE policeman was spearheading a petition which would force criminals to take compulsory blood tests. Constable Raymond Pratt (41), who’d had his life turned upside down after a drug addict spat in his mouth, presented the petition to MSPs. He told how he’d been attacked by a heroin addict and had to wait months before he could find out if he had contracted a disease. His wife, who was pregnant at the time, lost their baby due to the stress and needed counselling. Constable Pratt underwent months of screening for HIV and hepatitis and was forced to take precautions at home to prevent potentially spreading disease to his wife and two children.

A BLIND man who claimed that he’d narrowly escaped injury five times after slipping on dog excrement slammed irresponsible owners. Jamie Cuthbertson of West Chapelton Crescent, Bearsden, hit out at selfish and inconsiderate dog owners who can’t be bothered to clean up after their pets when they defecate on pavements. The father of four said he was constantly bringing mess into his house on his shoes and fears for his family’s health. He said the area near his home and Drymen Road were worst affected.

THANKS to the many readers who e-mailed and called us to tell us that the teacher featured in the picture we printed last week of Bearsden Primary School’s 1st VII netball team in 1958/59 was Mr John Sutherland