Down Memory Lane

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100 YEARS AGO - April 12, 1912

A GALE of unusual severity swept a large part of the country at the weekend and Milngavie and district received the full brunt of it. A few chimney cans and bill boards were dislodged and numerous accidents involving injury falls were chronicled. The wind blew in gusts so fierce and treacherous that the M&B Herald reported that it was “no uncommon incident for pedestrians to be carried off their feet and thrown violently”, in some cases against passing vehicles.

ON Good Friday the M&B Herald reported that two members of the teaching staff of the Milngavie School “left the ranks of celibacy by entering the matrimonial state”. Miss McLaren, who had been in the infant room for about nine years was presented with a beautiful pair of drawing-room ornaments as a token of esteem and in recognition of the event. She and her husband took up residence in Glasgow. Mr John Linton was presented with a handsome timepiece from his fellow teachers along with their good wishes for a happy and successful married life.

75 YEARS AGO - April 17, 1937

PRELIMINARY work began on plans which, over a period of a year, were due to transform “one of Glasgow’s favourite week-end playgrounds”, Drumclog Moor in Milngavie, into a modern, exclusive residential estate.

A large expanse of the moor, owned by Milngavie Golf Club, and adjacent to the Glasgow Corporation Waterworks Estate on Mugdock Road, had been feud by a new building company. The M&B Herald reported that the “magnificent panoramic view the site commands of all the countryside between the Stockiemuir and the Campsie Fells is one that is well known to thousands of people.”

THE town council agreed to accept an offer of Mr. R. Buchanan, cycle dealer in Milngavie, for one Raleigh all-steel bicycle, at a price of £4 19/6 (19 shillings and sixpence), for the use of the surveyors department. The Burgh Factor also submitted competitive tenders for the supply of portable galvanised dustbins. It was agreed to accept the lowest offer, that of Messrs. Robert Mitchell & Sons, Ltd, Shaftesbury Street Glasgow, at a price of 9/9 each.

50 YEARS AGO - April 13, 1962

EIGHT candidates were due to do battle for four council seats in Milngavie, but in Bearsden it is a case of “as you were”, with the five retiring councillors being returned unopposed. When co-opted to Milngavie Town Council the previous year, Mr John Gilmour indicated that he would serve out the year and would not seek re-election. He stuck to his decision and with, Mr A. Y. Barclay, announced he is retiring from council.

IN a reference to the great success of the Old People’s Spring Fair in which 20 local organisers pooled their organising resources and raised over £800, Provost J. Ogilvie Lennox said at Bearsden Town Council meeting that this was the most outstanding example of the efforts and work of the Town Council over the last four years to encourage the community spirt in Bearsden. The Provost said he could justifiably be proud of what was achieved.

25 YEARS AGO - April 17, 1987

DISTRIBUTION of EEC milk and butter in the Beardsen area was this week described as a “complete’ shambles”. But members of the council’s health and general purposes committee were at pains to apportion the blame to the local voluntary services who distributed the food. Several district councillors confirmed that they had received complaints from local residents who did not know where and when the milk and butter was being handed out. Provost Ray Robinson said he felt they should write, as a district council, complaining about the system which has been set in motion, but not implying any criticism of the people who dealt with it.

THE body of a local schoolteacher and father of two was found at Drumtian Ford, near Killearn. Mr Frank Marshal (41) of Etive Avenue in Bearsden vanished from Glenwood Secondary School in Castlehill, where he worked, dressed in hiking gear. A keen walker, Mr Marshall was found in the River Endrick at a popular local beauty spot. Following the discovery of the body, police said there were no suspicious circumstances.

10 YEARS AGO April 19 2002

TWO schooolboys were viciously attacked in unprovoked attacks. In the first incident a courting youth needed hospital treatment after he was attacked in Milngavie’s Lennox Park. The 15-year-old’s cowardly attacker approached from behind and struck him on the back of the head with a heavy object. In the second assault, a 14-year-old Bearsden boy was also struck on the back of the head. This attack took place in the middle of a sunny afternoon and residents in the area said it was like a scene from cult movie A Clockwork Orange. The attackers wore identical hats and openly carried weapons, reminiscent of the thugs in the controversial film.

UNDERCOVER police targeted adults who supply alcohol to underage drinkers in Milngavie and Bearsden. Plain clothed officers and uniformed patrols also cracked down on people of all ages who drink in public, in defiance of local bylaws. Six people were arrested for street drinking, but none of these were underage drinkers. Three shopkeepers were also warned as the clampdown got under way. Sergeant Gordon Tavendale, who co-ordinated the operation, said that if shopkeepers are caught selling alcohol to underage customers they are warned. If they step out of line again they get arrested.