Down memory lane

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100 YEARS AGO - April 5, 1912

HUGH McWilliam, a labourer from Douglas Street, Milngavie, pleaded guilty at Milngavie Police Court to a breach of the peace - behaving in a ‘riotous manner’ and threatening to be violent. Inspector McIntyre said it happened on a Saturday night at about midnight opposite the Black Bull Hotel, Main Street, Milngavie. The accused had just left a ‘chip potato shop’. The Bailie imposed a fine of five shillings or five days in prison.

AN eclipse of the moon was seen in Milngavie under favourable conditions on Monday evening. The sky, which had been very clear through the day, became a little hazy about the time of sunset, and a bank of cloud, which rose up in the west, looked as though it would spread across the sky. Fortunately it dispersed during the evening and there was a thin, milky veil of haze when the eclipse began, which made the panumbral shading less noticeable than it would have been otherwise. The haze almost vanished after the umbra entered on the moon’s disc, and until nearly 11pm the eclipse was in a clear sky.

75 YEARS AGO - April 10, 1937

THE Milngavie Spanish Aid Committee arranged a film show of The Defence of Madrid as their first meeting in the Burgh Hall. It showed the fighting at the gates of the Spanish capital, when the fascist armies under General Franco advanced on Madrid. Madrid was expected to fall but the defence stubbornly held the city. The accompanying speaker was Mr Peter Kerrigan who had recently returned from fighting for the Spanish government in the famous International Brigades. The proceeds went to the Scottish Ambulance Unit and other Spanish relief funds.

RESIDENTS in Westerton were greatly saddened by the sudden death of Miss Nelson who had been living with Mr and Mrs J Wallace on Maxwell Avenue. Miss Nelson had been in her usual health and was preparing to go out shopping when she suddenly took ill and passed away in an hour or two. Although not a Westertonian, she had greatly endeared herself to friends she had made and they were going to sincerely mourn her loss.

50 YEARS - April 6, 1962

GARSCADDEN and Killermont Estates Limited lost their planning appeal to build three or four houses in the Brora Drive cul-de-sac. The town council said there was a feeling in the area that Whitehill Woods were in danger of being lost. The town clerk had received 70 letters from people in the community saying they believed that the former New Kilpatrick District Council, Killermont and Garscadden Estates had already agreed to preserve the woods as green belt. He said this had not been agreed and wrote to every protestor to explain that the woods were going to be purchased in two weeks. Permission had only been granted for building within the area already designed for housing in the New Kilpatricks Part Development Plan.

THE new Milngavie Town Hall and Lillie Art Gallery were formally opened on Saturday, March 31 by Lady Cunningham Graham. The ceremony began with the national anthem followed by the hundredth psalm and prayer was led by Rev J. Stuart Hall B.D. from St Luke’s Church, Milngavie. Provost H.M. Kennedy gave a speech on behalf of the town council. He said: “While it is manifestly impossible to invite all the community the town council intended to make the gathering as representative as possible of the community.”

25 YEARS AGO - April 10, 1987

THE spokesman for Scotland’s travelling people appealed to local residents to give them a chance in an exclusive interview with the paper. Mr Charlie Douglas, who was a founder member of the Secretary of State’s Advisory Committee on travelling people, said he understood local people’s fears but thought they would be proved groundless if the Chestnut Lane site went ahead. He strongly believed that a permanent site improves problems caused by dirty ‘illegal’ camps and also relations with the public. In his experience house prices do not fall as a result of a permanent site.

BEARSDEN could be flooded again as badly as the floods in January - according to a report by the director of water for Strathclyde Region, Mr William Devenay. He said if a pipe burst in the same area again it would cause bad flooding. He also revealed the extent of water which poured on to 14 streets in Bearsden at the beginning of the year. At its worst four million gallons of water lay in an area around Leven Drive and Chapelton Gardens. A further 3.6 million gallons flooded the area around Milngavie Road to Killermont Bridge in Bearsden and at one point over 60,000 gallons of water was gushing from the burst mains.

10 YEARS AGO - April 12, 2002

LARGE iron gates were erected at Milngavie’s Fraser Centre to stop gangs of youths using the rear alleyway as a drink and drugs den. Pensioners, who met at the centre, said they were too frightened to walk the streets at night because of gangs of youths hanging around. The eight-foot tall gates were put up after a spate of vandalism and graffiti attacks at the back of the building.

A GROUP of Milngavie parents launched a £100,000 appeal to refurbish Lennox Park to make it a place for local children to enjoy. East Dunbartonshire Council had told them they had no money in the budget to replace the park’s dilapidated play equipment, but they promised to help them by finding other sources of funding such as the Lottery. Eight parents set up The Lennox Park Playground Project - with mum of two, Muriel Gilbride, as the chairperson. The plans included new climbing frames, swings, roundabouts, a sandpit and skateboard ramp with sitting area and they aimed to have it built by spring 2003.