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old pics P30131

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old pics P977

100 YEARS AGO - March 15, 1912

THE British Women’s Temperance Association met in Milngavie and Baldernock United Free Church for the closing meeting of the season. It was well attended with a few men there as it was an open meeting, Rev W. Young presided over it and after prayer and praise Mr Reekie from Glasgow spoke on the subject ‘Alcohol as an enemy and alcohol as a friend.’ He explained how alcohol affected various organs of the body, using several interesting experiments to illustrate this. Alcohol, he said, was only a friend when used as straw hat polish or for motor cars but was of no use for the human body.

THE coal strike was also being felt to some degree in Milngavie and Bearsden, although the situation was not so black as in some other places. The Railway Company had issued special notices regarding a further restriction of the train service. Twenty trains to and from Milngavie were taken off within a week. This resulted in the trains being full to capacity on a Monday morning. Most of the coal merchants in town had been preparing for the present emergency by getting large supplies of coal, and householders and others were stocking up for the anticipated time of famine. At Bearsden School they have a supply to do them twelve weeks, thanks to the foresight of Mr Williams, the janitor.

75 YEARS AGO - March 20, 1937

A BLIZZARD over the weekend was the worst one the area had experienced for many years. On the Saturday morning numerous householders had to dig their way out of houses as doors and windows had been covered with drifting snow. Roads were impassable, and motorists returning home in the early hours had to abandon their cars, leaving them to be dug out on Saturday. Buses only managed the length of Campsie Glen Station, the rest of the Glen Road was blocked. Milk that should have been on its way to Glasgow by road at 5am could not get off until midday. A large crowd of men attempted to clear Strathblane and Fintry Roads and many people were using skis and sledges for transport and fun with the Campsie Hills being a favourite spot.

THE Milngavie Players were going to present Distinguished Gathering by James Parish, in the Burgh Hall. The drama in three acts was about Felix Montague, a publisher, who invited certain honoured and respected people to a party in his house. When everyone arrives he discloses information from the memoirs of Eliot Richard Vines, who has been degraded in the city, which if published would expose the guests and bring disgrace to each one. The past life of each is truthfully revealed and eventually Mr Montague reveals that he has arranged the perfect murder. Mr Vines arrives, the lights go out, there is a scream, an agonised roar, and the thud of a body falling. When the lights are switched on Eliot Vines is found dead with a knife through his back.

50 YEARS AGO - March 16, 1962

A REPORT in the Glasgow Herald on smoking and lung cancer was causing widespread concern in Milngavie and Bearsden. Three local residents wrote to the paper about it. Frances E. MacGuire of Boclair Road, Bearsden, said that while there was thought to be a connection of some sort between smoking and death due to lung cancer - is life not a series of such connections and their ensuing possibilities?Andrew G. Graham of Manse Road, Bearsden, asked ‘when is the British public going to stop ignoring the unpalatable but hard facts regarding smoking and lung cancer?’ and a moderate smoker for 45 years, Dr A. Crawford of Thorndene, Milngavie, said ‘although no carcinogenic agency had so far been isolated from tobacco smoke - young people should be discouraged from smoking until they reach the age of discretion’.

THE Milngavie Players celebrated their 50th anniversary with ‘pride and pleasure’. Members expressed their sincere thanks to people in Milngavie and Bearsden for their constant and generous support. The club was formed in 1912 to promote an interest in dramatic art and raise funds for local organisations. Over £5,000 had been distributed as a result.

25 YEARS AGO - March 20, 1987

PLANS to convert Bearsden Station into a steakhouse and bar were given planning permission despite objections from local people. The developer, Whitbread, had been given ten conditions which put many of their fears to rest including the provision of suitable car parking facilities, detailed landscaping proposals had to be approved by the planning authority, the roof of the building had be clad in slate, the new windows should have glazing bars, cooking smells should be kept to a minimum as well as noise. Provost Ray Robinson, said: “We put up a good fight and a lot of our points were taken on board.”

MILNGAVIE Community Council thought it would be a good idea to ask the Scottish Youth Hostel Assoociation if they would be interested in taking over the Old Parish Church near Milngavie precinct as a possible solution to the long standing problem of the church’s upkeep. Chairman of Milngavie Community Council, Monty Green, said they had no shortage of people willing to use the hall but none willing to undertake the long term upkeep of the building. He thought the SYHA might be interested as the church lies at the start of the West Highland Way.

10 YEARS AGO - March 15, 2002

A SCHOOL bus driver was found to be smelling of alcohol moments before setting off with children on a trip. A dad caught a whiff of alcohol on the driver’s breath and reported it to the headteacher, Maureen Clark. The bus load of P6 to P7 pupils from Baldernock Primary School, who were bound for an adventure trip to Garelochhead, were taken off the coach and returned to the school. But some parents were furious that the headteacher did not call the police so that he could be breathalysed. She phoned the bus firm PJ Travel of Drumchapel and a replacement driver was sent out - to the disbelief of onlookers the original driver went away in his car.

POLICE mounted a search operation after reports of two men who were seen in the grounds of Milngavie reservoir with firearms. Helicopters circled for almost an hour scanning the ground, concentrating on the waterworks. At the same time more than a dozen officers combed the area. The men, aged 24 and 21, both from Glasgow, were subsequently charged with offences under the Firearms Act, breach of the peace, police assault and possession of offensive weapons.