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old pics P31031
old pics P31031

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old pics P31036

100 YEARS AGO - March 8, 1912

THE B’Hoys of Milngavie held their second Cinderella Dance in the Boys’ Brigade Hall and it was hailed as being ‘undoubtedly the attraction of the season with gay dresses and merry hearts. For a time at least, it put the commonplace elements of life into the background. The one regret in the minds of all who participated in the pleasures of Leap Year Day was that it comes so seldom’. The music was in the capable hands of Mr Duncan King, Mr J. F. McNair was the MC, Mr King and Mr Ward performed the songs and Mr Mair supplied the tea.

THERE was a small fire in a French cleaning establishment, occupied by Mr D. McNicol, Station Road, Milngavie. Mr McNicol, a noted bird fancier, kept an incubator in an attic above the shop and the gas attached to it caught fire. The floor and jostings were burned. The fire brigade was called out and they used a small hand pump to put out the flames. Some goods were damaged but this was covered by insurance.

75 YEARS AGO - March 13, 1937

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ONE of Bearsden’s oldest and best known residents, Mr Andrew Mackie, of Messrs. Mackie & Denholm, Bearsden, passed away. Mr Mackie came to Bearsden as a young man, set up a business as a carriage hirer and contractor, sending his horses far afield in the days before cars. He was involved with the religious and social life of the village and he was the oldest remaining member of the South Church - he was with them for over 50 years. He was also a member of the bowling club since it was set up. The article says, he had a ‘kindly disposition and genial habit’ and ‘will be much missed by numerous friends’ who paid their respects at his funeral in New Kilpatrick Churchyard.

BEARSDEN Players performed “The Distant Drum” at the opening session of the South Western Divisional Drama Festival, in the Lyric. They started off with a competently written and workmanlike melodrama, but, as Mr Grantham, the adjudicator, pointed out, the main characters were almost unbelievable, or at any rate were given parts that seemed unbelievable. Competent acting came from Jimmy Aitken, Maisy Dykes and Mac Menzies, the latter got better as he went along, but he was too nice a chap to play his part of a ‘crashing bounder.

50 YEARS AGO - March 9, 1962

READERS were asked if they would like to buy a famous vine in Kippen which was put up for sale by its owner, Mr Duncan Buchanan (69), of Vine Cottage, Kippen, Stirlingshire, as he has no male descendants to inherit it. The Big Vine was started by his father 71 years ago and Mr Buchanan inherited it in 1936 after his father died. The black grape (Gros Colmar) originated in the French town of Colmar. The produce of the vine was sold all over Britain, and the young vines had been exported to all the Commonwealth countries and to Spain, France and Austria. The vine covered an area of 5,000 square feet with branches of 300ft and a stem girth of 55ins.

PAISLEY Police Concert Party visited Milngavie Old Age Pensioners to entertain them one evening. Police Constable, Mr McAuley, accompanied by his wife, sang two songs much to the delight of the old folk. The programme was varied with comedy, songs and sketches, ably compered by Constable Robertson. The Association was fortunate to book the Police Party as they were very much in demand.

25 YEARS AGO - March 13, 1987

A WELL known cat boarding business and sanctuary to many strays called Shangri-La was faced with having to close in 10 weeks. The cat home in Baldernock, near Milngavie, had been running for 50 years and the owner, Jean Williamson, who lived there, had been ordered by a court decision to vacate the premises after Easter. Her main concern was whether she would be able to take her seven cats and dog with her if she was offered a council house because they would not be used to traffic on busy roads. Each of Jean’s pets had a sad story to tell - abandoned and neglected - she had taken them in and nursed them back to health.

AN application to build 40 luxury flats on the site of Hillfoot Station goods yard was expected to be submitted. McAlpine Homes had been in talks with the district council’s planning department and the regional council about the development. The site was bought for an undisclosed six figure sum the previous December and they sold the site to McAlpine. Their proposal is understood to be for luxury flats to be built on three storey sites.

10 YEARS AGO - March 8, 2002

TORY Councillor Billy Hendry accused the council of wasting taxpayers money by allowing Councillor Julia Southcott and two connect services workers to travel to Italy to examine an intelligent waste transfer station in Milan. He argued that it would have been more cost effective to send two representatives - instead of spending £900 to send three. Officials believed the machine, which breaks unsorted rubbish into compost, and separates glass, paper and plastics, could cut down the amount of waste gofing to landfill sites. Councillor Southcott defended the trip - she said it was a fact-finding mission and not a junket.

THE headteacher of Bearsden Academy condemned a violent attack on a 17-year-old pupil by a gang of his schoolmates. Police were appealing for witnesses and headteacher Mike Doig said the culprits would be excluded from the school once they were caught. He was disgusted by the bullies - they had punched and kicked the boy in an unprovoked attack in Russell Drive, Bearsden, one afternoon. He sustained cuts and bruises on his face.