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old pics P635
old pics P635

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100 YEARS AGO - February 23, 1912

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old pics P648

THE Lesser Public Hall in Bearsden was full to capacity when Mrs John of the Glasgow branch of the Woman’s Social and Political Union delivered an hour long speech on “Votes for Women”. At the end Mrs John answered questions and as so many ladies wanted to become members of the WSPU it was decided that a local branch would be formed with Mrs Dickie of New Kilpatrick Manse, Bearsden, as honorary secretary.

THE prospect of a coal strike was causing ‘considerable anxiety’ in Milngavie and the surrounding neighbourhood. Many people had their coalhouses stocked for a long time prior to rumours of the strike and continued to take in more supplies because they feared prices would rise unless a settlement was reached with Government intervention.

75 YEARS AGO - February 27, 1937

POLICE officers caught two men in the Rio Picture House, Bearsden, early one morning after hiding and waiting for them. They also found six sticks of gelignite in the premises. The men - Charles Lang (33) and John Fairley (32), alias John Robert Fairley - pleaded guilty in Glasgow Sheriff Court to breaking into the picture house with intent to steal and for being in possession of gelignite and wire fuse, a jemmy, torch and gloves. Lang was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment with hard labour and Fairley to two years’ imprisonment with hard labour.

old pics P672

old pics P672

ELLANGOWAN Paper Mill in Milngavie had been given permission from the Home Office to make special paper for the Coronation. It was to be known as “Coronation Clober Bond” with a watermark of the King’s head and Crown and was hailed as being an excellent paper in every respect to be produced in three colours - red, white and blue.

50 YEARS AGO - February 23, 1962

A MILNGAVIE lad’s quick action saved an elderly woman’s life. Douglas Currie (14), who ran errands for 79-year-old Mrs Marshall at 23 Craigdhu Road, Milngavie, became concerned about her when he knocked on her back door, as he always did on a Saturday morning, but she did not reply. He lifted the letter box and realised there was a smell of gas coming from the house. The Bearsden Academy pupil and member of 1st Milngavie Boys’ Brigade ran to his home, where he lived with his grandparents, and explained the situation to his grandfather, William Douglas (65). Douglas then went to fetch a doctor while his grandfather forced open the door at Mrs Marshall’s home with a garden pick. Mrs Marshall was taken to the Western Infirmary.

SERGEANT Sandra Wylie, a permanent staff instructor with the Royal Military Police, was seeking girls with a good appearance to start Territorial Units of “Women Redcaps” in Glasgow. Fifteen girls were needed in each unit between the age of 17 and a half and 40 and at least 5ft 4in tall. The girls would train in all aspects of police work including map reading, driving and rifle shooting, first aid and self defence at the T.A Centre in Strathblane Road, Milngavie.

25 YEARS AGO - February 27, 1987

MILNGAVIE District Council turned down an application for a non traditional hot food carry-out shop in Stockiemuir Avenue, Mosshead, Bearsden. Smells, noise, litter and the attraction of ‘undesirable people’ into the area were some of the concerns raised by 71 objectors to the planning committee. The applicant, Alex Williams of Clober Road, Milngavie, said there would be no cooking on the premises as food would be prepared in a chinese restaurant at a different location and re-heated at the new premises.

PLANS for a large supermarket and car park on the site of Halley’s garage in Milngavie received a setback. Bearsden and Milngavie District Council turned down an application from Hermiston Securities Ltd. Rumours that Marks and Spencer intended to build a store there were denied by the company, they said they had no plans for any type of store in the district and that any discussions with developers were purely investigative. The District Council said that the application had been turned down on grounds of land use not the intended occupants of the properties.

10 YEARS AGO - February 22, 2002

CAMPAIGNERS who opposed the extension of Douglas Muir Quarry into a woodland area in Bearsden collected 1,400 letters of objection in just one week. The organiser John Murray from Moorfoot Way, Bearsden, hoped to collect 5,000 signatures before the February 28 deadline for representations. Residents feared that 34 acres of conservation woodland, a haven for wildlife, would be destroyed if the quarry owners, Tarmac, went ahead with plans to mine quartz. The mine would also only be 150 metres away from houses and they were worried that excavation could potentially create noise and dust.

THERE were fears over increased traffic and the impact on the environment if plans by West of Scotland water for a £100million treatment works at Milngavie reservoir went ahead. Strathblane Community Council arranged a public meeting about the proposal and an article by Philip Graves about the traffic implications, environmental issues and visual impact of the development was published in the local community magazine. Concerns included a ‘dangerous’ exit point at the access road, a lack of consultation with the community and that motorists may use shortcuts through the narrow roads through Mugdock and Strathblane during construction which were not suitable for large volumes of traffic.