Douglas Academy pupils teach silver surfers

MILNGAVIE Library was filled with silver surfers recently when Douglas Academy pupils helped older members of the community to navigate the internet.

The library hosted the beginners courses for 10 people in October and last week with the sixth year pupils volunteering to help out.

Participants learned a great deal from their young teachers who managed to convey the basic skills they needed to get started on the internet as well as answering a wide range of questions about other computing problems.

Chair of East Dunbartonshire leisure and culture trust, Councillor Amanda Stewart, said: “I am delighted that so many young people volunteered their time for such a worthwhile project.

“Not only is this a valuable opportunity for library members to get started on the internet, it is a brilliant way to bring the different generations within our community together.

“There are many other people within Milngavie who could benefit from this training and I am hopeful that courses like this will continue to be available in our community.”

Using the computer equipment in the library, they each received two hours of training from the advanced Higher computing candidates.

The atmosphere was very relaxed and everyone involved had a great time getting to know one another as they surfed the world wide web together.