Douglas Academy pupils help in Menu Munch campaign

shug the dug'26/8      '(weird colour)
shug the dug'26/8 '(weird colour)
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AWARD winning Bearsden entrepreneur Gillian Dick enlisted the support of Douglas Academy pupils to produce the Menu Munch - a children-led campaign to get restaurants to scale down portions and phase out kids’ menus.

Alexandra McConnell, Max Thom, Eilidh McConnell and Lucy Craig spent time over the summer holidays working at Gillian’s city centre office to design the logo and campaign to carry the message.

The campaign aims to give choice to youngsters who shun kids’ menus in favour of scaled down adult selections - the idea was taken up by Gillian, a former Bearsden Academy pupil who runs business directory Find Me Glasgow.

She added design and digital expertise to the project and continues to support the campaign through her company.

Gillian said: “Kids palates are more sophisticated these days and they influence the parents’ buying decisions, it would be crazy to ignore this market. The response so far from chefs and restaurant owners has been really encouraging”

The McConnell sisters’ mum Fiona said: “I have been paying for adult portions for years because the girls will not go for a special meal and settle for fish fingers even if the restaurant is cool.

“It’s expensive, but I would rather that than be fobbed off with a cheap kids option. They learn about healthy eating through ordering a variety of foods. Restaurants should court their future market by producing kids sampler platters too”