Doon the watter with Paul

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Glasgow artist Paul Kennedy has a special exhibition of his atmospheric work in Blanefield’s Smithy Gallery next week – and will be there in person on Sunday (January 15).

His paintings – such as Para Handy’s legendary puffer Vital Spark, pictured – capture the fascination Glaswegians still have with holiday idylls on the Firth of Clyde and its once hugely popular resort towns.

Whether it was a trip “doon the watter” to Largs or a train and ferry to Rothesay, for more than a century the city dwellers have headed to the coast in search of escape from their workaday urban environment for more than a century.

A spokesman for the gallery said: “Paul has brought together scenes of modern and bygone holidays and trips from Glasgow to the coast, celebrating past and present times that chapter the joys of life.”

Paul graduated in 2004 from Edinburgh College of Art in Painting.

The exhibition runs until February 19, and the gallery, at 74 Glasgow, Road, Blanefield, is open from 11am till 5pm, Wednesday to Saturday, and from 1pm to 5pm.

For further details contact the gallery at 01360 770551 or visit