Donate unwanted gifts and help those less fortunate

The Salvation Army is urging Scots to consider the question: ‘If Christmas is the season for giving, shouldn’t January be the time to give back to others?’

Research by the charity found that we each get at least three gifts we don’t want, with over 40 per cent of these ending up at the bottom of cupboards. With this in mind, The Salvation Army is asking people to donate any unwanted items to charity in the New Year.

Arlene McKenna, area manager for the charity, said: “When you consider that people spend hundreds of pounds on presents every year, it’s a crying shame that so many Christmas gifts get buried and forgotten.

Unwanted clothes and gift items have more value than you think – by donating to us, your items will not only get a new lease of life, but they help The Salvation Army raise much-needed funds to support vulnerable people here in the UK.”

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