“Don’t leave windows open” warning after fox attack

110409  wild fox at boness bowling club
110409 wild fox at boness bowling club

FOLLOWING the recent attack on a four-month-old baby by a fox in south London, the founder of a pet re-homing group has warned residents not to leave windows open after a close encounter with a fox.

He spoke out after he saw one of the animals peering in an open window of his house.

Daryl Beech (21) who set up the Help to Re-home Scotland group a year ago says he understands animals quite well and has studied the urban fox which he reckons is much braver than its country cousins.

Mr Beech of Bearsden Road, Anniesland, who re-homes cats and dogs in the Milngavie and Bearsden area, said: “I couldn’t believe it when I saw this fox sitting at my open window.

“I approached it with a brush and it ran off. If it had been a child, the consequences could have been horrifying.”

The incident happened on Saturday morning and Mr Beech warned people not to leave windows open and dispose of rubbish securely.

He added: “People need to be vigilant, the urban fox is creeping about. If you are cooking, foxes will be attracted by the smell so you should not leave windows and doors open. Also, make sure rubbish is put well into the bin.”