Don’t get left out in the cold

Winter in Woodhead Park
Winter in Woodhead Park

Winter is well on the way and residents have been warned to get their homes ready for the months to come and any bad weather they may bring.

East Dunbartonshire Council is once again joining forces with the Scottish Government in a national campaign to keep residents as safe as possible throughout the winter months.

Council Leader Rhondda Geekie, Convenor of Policy and Resources said: “Now is the time to take a few simple steps to protect your home, so you and your family are ready for any eventuality.

“Our officers have compiled some easy to follow tips on getting your home prepared for freezing temperatures, heavy snow or even flooding.”

The top ten pieces of advice are:

n Prepare a home emergency kit including; torch, candles, matches, radio and spare

batteries; essential medication; three days’ supply of non-perishable food and bottled

water; baby food; pet supplies’; paper, pencil, penknife and whistle; list of emergency numbers.

n Follow Scottish Water’s advice on protecting your pipes. If you own your home, have the number of a local plumber to hand just in case.

n Know where your stop valve is and how to turn off your water.

n If cold weather is forecast and during a cold snap, keeping your heating on at a low

setting to help prevent pipes from freezing.

n Know how to turn off your electricity supply at the mains

n In the event or a power cut or emergency, please call SP Energy Networks on 0800 092 9290. For more information, visit 

n Look after your pets – don’t leave them out in the cold for too long.

n Ensure you have access to a shovel and salt or grit for clearing paths.

n Do not use hot water to clear ice or snow, either on your path or windscreen. It can turn quickly to ice and crack a windscreen or increase your chances of slipping. If you don’t have grit or salt, sand or ash can also be used.

n If shovelling snow, think where you are going to put it, so it does not block pavements or other people’s paths. Look out for elderly neighbours and help them too if you can.

Councillor Geekie added: “It’s only been a few years since Scotland experienced some of the worst weather in living history. We obviously hope there is no repeat of that this year, but it’s better to be prepared, just in case. These tips have been prepared by people with vast experience in this area, so I hope people use them and find them helpful.”

The ‘Ready for Winter’ campaign is a national initiative led by the Scottish Government, supported locally by partner organisations across Scotland.

Its aim is to ensure that Scotland is better prepared for severe or prolonged winter weather this year.