Don’t fall for this online scam

Police are warning residents to be vigilant when they are using their computers after a Milngavie resident fell for an online scam.

Officers have recently been made aware of incidents involving an internet scam where members of the public who are online receive a pop-up message claiming to be from the police force.

The message goes onto state that the person’s computer has been locked by the police as they have been viewing adult content online - which is not the case. They are then given one of two options to pay a fee or fine to have their computer unlocked.

Constable Christopher Moran from Kirkintilloch Police Office, said: “We would like to assure the public that this is a scam and that Police Scotland or other Forces in UK, never asks the public for money. We would urge the public not to follow the instructions on screen or pay any money.

“We would ask anyone who has paid money as a result of this scam to contact their local police office for advice.

“If your computer is locked we would advise that you seek technical advice from a reputable company.”

East Dunbartonshire Council’s director of Governance and Regulation, Diane Campbell, said: “This is a historical problem which we are aware of.

“As our colleagues in the police have pointed out we’d urge people not to follow instructions or pay money.

“Although we cannot give specific technical IT advice to people we have been told that often switching the machine off and back on can sometimes be enough to solve the problem.”