Don’t close Milngavie Primary School

ANGRY parents at Milngavie Primary have set up an action group to save the school from closure.

Members of the parent council felt the issue was too big for them to deal with alone - so they have invited support from all parents who oppose the proposals which threaten the historic school.

Milngavie Primary, which dates back to the 1870s, now faces an uncertain future under plans in the primary school estate consultation which could wipe it off the map, with a new school being created on the Clober Primary site.

With no option for keeping Milngavie Primary at its current location, parents held an emergency meeting on Wednesday evening (December 19) to formulate an action plan to deal with the threat.

Gerry Jamieson, chair of Milngavie Primary parent council, said: “Milngavie has a worthy reputation for being a place that uniquely provides a village life with direct access to the city life of Glasgow.

“Our schools are at the heart of this experience, and Milngavie is popular with families because one can live close to a good school.

“To remove schools from catchment areas will have a major adverse impact on the life of our streets, neighbourhoods and communities.

“Neighbours will become strangers, passing each other in cars, while children sit passively in the back.

“The decision will impact house prices, but more importantly it will remove children from their local neighbourhoods, increase traffic and create peripheral super-schools where authentic and local experience becomes homogenised.”