Dog owners urged to clean up pets’ mess

Dog owners are being urged to bin their dog poo.
Dog owners are being urged to bin their dog poo.

Dog owners in the Thorn district of Bearsden are being urged to clean up their pets’ mess after complaints to the council.

The problem is particularly bad in Chesters Road, where one resident said people had to walk on the road because the paths were covered in dog mess.

Joyce Thomson, who has lived in the area all her life, said: “It has got a lot worse over the years. Thorn Park is particularly bad.”

One suggestion she read about in a national paper was to carry out DNA testing of dog poo to catch the culprits, however, the council has ruled this out as too expensive.

Diane Campbell, director of governance and regulation, said: “As far as the DNA testing request is concerned this would be totally out of the question considering the cost implications and the difficulty we would have in implementing it.”

She added, “Our records show that there have only been two recent complaints of dog fouling in this area. These were acted upon and community wardens carried out a two day early morning action plan to try and catch those responsible.

“We will continue to monitor the area and anyone caught will be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice.”