Dog owners urged to ‘bag it and bin it.’

Amy Jeffrey has called on dog owners to be more responsible
Amy Jeffrey has called on dog owners to be more responsible

Dog owners are being asked to clean up after their pets and help keep the streets clean from the nuisance of dog mess in North Lanarkshire.

Council leader Jim Logue is reminding owners of their responsibility to ‘bag and bin’ their dog waste or face an £80 Fixed Penalty Notice.

He said: “Dog fouling is a real concern for many people, and our successful Enough’s Enough campaign asks residents to report owners who don’t clean up after their pets.

“If residents can tell us where and when the dog fouling happens plus a description of the dog and, ideally, details of the owner, our Animal Welfare Officers will investigate and take action against these irresponsible owners.”

Councillor Logue and Depute Leader Councillor Paul Kelly recently met with one of the council’s Animal Welfare Officers to discuss the issue.

Councillor Kelly said: “The majority of dog owners know the importance of cleaning up after their pets and they find it frustrating when others don’t or let their dogs out alone.

“Dog fouling causes a hazard, particularly for children, in our communities and there’s no excuse. Free dog waste bags are available from First Stop Shops and libraries and they can be placed in any public bin. So we are issuing a reminder to all dog owners to be responsible and keep our streets clean ad safe.”

Dog owners should follow these simple steps to clean up after their pets: GRAB IT – always keep a supply of bags near your dog’s lead so you don’t forget to take them with you on every walk. Simply insert your hand into the bag and pick up your dog’s waste. BAG IT – carefully turn the bag inside out and ‘bag’ the mess. BIN IT – dispose of the bag in any public litter bin or your own household residual waste bin.

To report irresponsible owners, call Northline on 01698 403110 or go to the council’s web site at