Doctor Who to materialise in Bearsden!

Doctor Who
Doctor Who

New Kilpatrick Church in Bearsden is moving not just into the 21st century but every moment of space and time when they let the TARDIS in and celebrate Dr Who’s 50th anniversary at their service on Sunday (November 24).

Minister of the church, Rev Roddy Hamilton, said: “It will be bigger on the inside than the outside so come along and see how big the story of hope is.

“The church has, for centuries, taken popular culture and used it to tell it’s own story of faith.

“From Christmas to Easter and everything in between the church has adopted popular culture and found a way to tell it’s own message for the world.

“It is not such an alien thing to be part of and Dr Who knows about aliens.”

There will be Dr Who themed music and references throughout the service and their Junior Fellowship have built a TARDIS.

Rev Hamilton added: “In truth it is an experiment from a congregation who are always keen to find ways to relate to people and tell a story about love and hope and good in a world that needs these stories so badly.

“Why is Dr Who so popular? I think it’s because it has the eternal themes of good winning over evil. The church lives within these themes too. The two can make great companions.

“Everyone is invited to jump into our time vortex and come for an hour to church, or perhaps it will be longer or shorter. With the TARDIS you never know but it will certainly be a wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimy thing.”