Doctor Who fans’ film materialises


A TALENTED film maker and actor has been transported into a world of terror and intrigue for his latest project.

Part one of Ryan Hendrick’s Doctor Who fan film Besieged was recently screened at events in Newcastle, Swansea, Chicago and California and short prequels have also been posted on to YouTube.

The film, produced by Ryan (28) from Chesters Road, Bearsden, and Lauren Lamarr brings together a highly professional and experienced cast and crew in an attempt to make Besieged one of the most memorable fan films of recent times.

It tells the story of three survivors of an alien attack, trapped in the bowels of a military space craft, among whom is a man with the ability to defy death.

This endeavour has been a long time coming for the BAFTA nominated film maker - it is a project he dreamed about from as early as the age of seven and now he feels that he has enough experience to complete the project.

The second part of the film is due to be screened at the beginning of next year.

Ryan, who plays the part of The Doctor, said: “There is a huge demand for fan films not just within the Doctor Who fanbase, but across the board in all sci-fi and fantasy franchises from Lord of the Rings, Star Trek and Batman.

“The most popular films probably centre around Doctor Who and Alien franchises and this piece is very reminiscent of Ridley Scott’s original Alien so it has attracted a wide audience.

“It’s been very well received so far, I’ve been quite impressed because when you get into the world of fan fiction you often divide your audience.

“I was warned that I may get hate mail from some fans but so far, thankfully, I haven’t.

“It’s been very interesting to see how people respond to my style of film making, which hasn’t been compromised in any way.”

The cast of Besieged includes Hamish Wilson who appeared in episodes of Doctor Who in the Patrick Troughton era 1960s - standing in for Frazer Heinz as The Doctor’s assistant Jamie McCrimmon - Bill Murdoch, who is best known for roles in Gangs of New York, Braveheart, Still Game and Taggart, Calum Cormack from River City, Natalie Clark from Timelock and recent film Love Bite and Scottish actor Stephen Clyde.

The former Douglas Academy pupil also made a low budget film set in the Scottish Highlands which went on general release in February this year and picked up the prestigious Gold Ebenezer award at the Festival of Nations in Austria last year.