Doctor hangs up stethoscope

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A GP who has served the Milngavie community for almost 25 years looks back on how things have changed as he retires from his practice.

Doctor John Lovett (52) from Bearsden joined Ashfield Medical Practice in 1991, taking on the children’s and antenatal clinics and on-call nights and weekends service. as well as general consulting.

He said: “General Practice has seen huge changes in the past quarter century and people will have different ideas as to whether things have improved for our patients.

“We are no longer involved at all in routine care during pregnancy and we do fewer house calls. In the nineties we carried out our own night time visits and were on call, as a practice, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Dr Lovett said that part of the pleasure of being a GP was, and still is, looking after several generations within a family. He said: “I now see babies whose grandmothers I looked after in their own pregnancies.

And as to the future the academic side has alway interested Dr Lovett. He said he now plans to increase his commitment to tutoring medical students at the University of Glasgow, adding, “I shall also undertake some locum work to keep my clinical skills up to date. ” I also plan to give some of my time to voluntary work.”