Disorder hotspot

14-5-2016 Picture Jamie Forbes. Bishopbriggs. High Moss - drink and drugs den.
14-5-2016 Picture Jamie Forbes. Bishopbriggs. High Moss - drink and drugs den.

Anti-social youths have turned a woodland area near a children’s playpark into an unsightly drink and drugs den for the third year in a row.

As well as leaving broken bottles and glass behind, they also vandalised the slides in the playpark.

The area of High Moss, near Bishopbriggs Community Church, was cleaned 
up last year by East Dunbartonshire Council after 
residents complained to 
the Herald.

But according to one 
woman the problem is now as bad as ever.

She said: “It has started up again with the recent good weather.

“There are smashed 
bottles and a supermarket trolley even ended up in 
a tree.

“The children’s slides in the playpark have also been vandalised.

She added: “We have this beautiful area on our doorsteps and it is being treated like this.

“It’s an absolute disgrace. Why do they have to do this?”

Another resident said: “People walk through this area with their kids or dogs and they are having to dodge the rubbish.”

Both residents said they had informed police.

A police spokesman told the Herald they were aware 
of the problem and extra 
officers would be patrolling the area.

He added: “If anyone has any further information which can help or if they they see anything of suspicion or concern don’t hesitate to contact the police.”

Thomas Glen, Depute Chief Executive of Place, Neighbourhood & Corporate Assets 
said that community wardens had not received any complaints about the area this year.

However, he added: 
“Wardens will now mark it as a ‘hotspot’, carrying out regular patrols to deter disorder.

He said the council would also inform police about the issue.