Disabled man fears ceiling will tumble down on him

A DISABLED man is still waiting for the council to repair his roof after the chimney was blown off during the recent storm.

Scott Matthews’ front garden in Ashburn Gardens, Milngavie, was filled with rubble from the chimney after it was toppled by gale force winds and it took the council four days to clean it up.

Mr Matthews (26), who has limited mobility in his lower limbs and uses crutches, had to use his back door during that time which was difficult for him as he had to climb five steps which are covered in moss and slippery.

Now he is waiting for his landlord, East Dunbartonshire Council, to fix the hole in his roof, which he says is also leaking because they haven’t placed a temporary cover over all of it.

On top of this, cracks have now appeared in his bedroom and hall ceiling and he’s worried that they might collapse as that’s what happened to his neighbours.

Last week’s Herald told how Paula Dickson’s family, Mr Matthews’ upstairs neighbours, had been moved out of their house by the council after their bedroom ceiling fell in. The family, with disabled children, escaped injury after a massive crack appeared in the ceiling of the room that the kids normally sleep in. A council official had told them it was safe to use the room but they were so worried that they decided to sleep in the living room and that night the roof came in.

Mr Matthews said: “If my ceiling collapsed I couldn’t even run from any debris falling.

“I’m really worried about it and that further damage may occur as water is still getting into the roof.

“If the council had made the house watertight at least no more damage could occur.

“When I phone the council’s call centre the staff really don’t seem to care.

“The way they speak to you is ridiculous, I work in a call centre myself and if I talked to my customers that way I’d get the sack. They completely lack any empathy and just repeatedly say they need to e-mail someone. I have no faith in the council at all.”

Grace Irvine, head of assets and property services said: “Mr Matthews’ roof has been covered and made safe. As there are three owner occupiers within the block insurance companies have to become involved before any reconstruction can commence.

“On hearing about Mr Matthews concerns regarding a crack in his ceiling, operatives attended to further inspect his flat last Thursday but he was not at home. We have left a card asking him to contact us to arrange a further visit.”