Director zooms in on new film

A Bearsden director is hoping to start shooting his latest film next month - a psychological thriller set in ‘cold war’ Russia at the end of the 1940s.

Mark Wright (44), who runs film company Dark Form Productions, has already started casting for the film ‘The Listeners’, which is set in Sochi, Russia. The script was written by Mark’s wife, Phyl.

He said: “It is set in 1949 and five Russian political prisoners are promised the chance of freedom if they take part in a 15 day experiment.

“It’s based loosely around an uncredited story called ‘The Russian Sleep Experiment’. The journey of the five prisoners and their three observing scientists combines forbidden love, hope, betrayal and terror, which culminates in a gripping and terrifying psychological thriller.”

The film is set to run for just over 55 minutes. Dark Form Productions are currently raising crowd-funding on the internet to ensure the production can go ahead.

If all goes well filming is due to take place during March and April in Clydebank.

Mark, who has always been passionate about film-making, started Dark Form Productions in 2006.

He has produced two music videos - Coastline, The Lost Highway and It’s A Boy, The Lost Highway.

The first had extensive airplay on Sky’s music channel Redemption.

He has also made four short films - Feast, To Make Me Feel Your Love, Innocent Violation and Reflections - and a 35 episode internet reality Spoof called Circle.

Mark added: “We have a breadth of experience within the short film industry and feel this is the right time to produce our first feature film.

“We have the resources and talent sourced to allow us to produce ‘The Listeners’ - which we believe will bring a new edge to the Scottish horror genre.”

A total of £14,500 needs to be raised to fund the project. If you would like to contribute go to