Directions leaflet is just ‘plane’ stupid!

ANGER: Duncan Cumming with the leaflet.
ANGER: Duncan Cumming with the leaflet.

A councillor has slammed NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde for failing to include directions to the new hospital from Milngavie or Bearsden in a leaflet they send to patients.

An elderly and infirm resident contacted independent Bearsden Councillor Duncan Cumming to complain that a leaflet with directions to the South Glasgow University Hospital had no details about how to get to there from Bearsden.

It included directions by car, rail, subway, train and even by air, but nothing for travelling from Bearsden or Milngavie.

Councillor Cumming said: “My constituent searched the sheet of paper in vain.

“It was fine if you are travelling from Castlemilk, Cardonald, Partick, Erskine or Paisley, but there was no mention of Bearsden.”

The leaflet included the Travel Line Scotland phone number and as she did not have access to a computer she had to use the phone line which costs 10p per minute.

She spoke to a “pleasant” call handler but after ten minutes she was advised to take a bus from Bearsden to Maryhill Library and to transfer to another bus to the hospital.

Mr Cumming added: “The constituent’s postcode would have revealed that they lived near a train station.

“Whilst not ideal, she could have been told to take the train to Partick and then transfer to a bus to the hospital.

“Given that many people are probably going to be elderly or infirm, something must be done to simplify accessing travel information to the new hospital.

“It defies logic for the Health Board to be sending out totally irrelevant generic information, including by plane.”

A spokesperson for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said: “We have delivered a comprehensive public awareness campaign around public transport to the new Queen Elizabeth University Hospitals.

“We produced an eight page A4 public information public magazine on changes to hospital service which was delivered to 561,000 households in Greater Glasgow and Clyde in May.

“In addition, a number of publications, web assets and advertising campaigns for both broadcast and print media ran throughout the phased migration period of services to the new hospitals.

“Public transport options continue to grow with 75 buses an hour now servicing the hospital. As a result, Traveline remains the best option for up to date information on public transport times and routes.”