Did the council send recycling to landfill?

Photograph Jamie Forbes 17.7.13  BISHOPBRIGGS. Mavis Valley recycling centre.
Photograph Jamie Forbes 17.7.13 BISHOPBRIGGS. Mavis Valley recycling centre.

Refuse chiefs have admitted that cardboard carefully separated for recycling by householders was dumped into a ‘general waste’ container.

But East Dunbartonshire Council insists that the cardboard would NOT have ended up in landfill.

The revelation came after Herald reader Jamie Thomson visited the council’s Mavis Valley recycling centre earlier this month.

The Torrance resident explained: “I was told some years ago that recycling was a bit of a hit and miss, and that some so-called ‘sorted’ refuse ended up in landfill sites abroad.

“I thought this a bit far-fetched until I witnessed a scene at the Bishopbriggs dump that disappointed me immensely.

“I carefully sorted my rubbish, which was mainly cardboard, into the proper dumping skips.

“Just as I finished, a big digger machine that sits behind all the various large skips went into the half full ‘cardboard-only’ skip and grabbed massive handfuls of cardboard, swung around and dumped it into the ‘general waste’ skip.

“Could the council officer in charge of this site enlighten us as to their logic?”

Grace Irvine, the council’s director of neighbourhood services, admitted that the incident had happened, but defended the council workers involved.

She said: “Last week the ‘cardboard only’ bank at Mavis Valley was unusually full so some of the cardboard was moved into the ‘general waste’ bank to make room.

“I can understand how this could look to a passer-by, but I would like to reassure this and other residents that the ‘general waste’ bank is sorted by our contractor at their site and the cardboard removed for recycling.

“We take our recycling responsibilities very seriously and are committed to driving up the amount of all materials we recycle, and reducing what we send to landfill.

“We can only reach our ambitious targets with the help and participation of local people and we thank them for their continued support in using the new bins and food waste caddies.”

East Dunbartonshire Council is currently under pressure to achieve tough Scottish Government targets on recycling rates.

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QUESTIONS RAISED: cardboard was sen being moved to a household waste container at Mavis Valley.