Democracy triumphs

Counting officer Gerry Cornes announces the result for East Dunbartonshire.
Counting officer Gerry Cornes announces the result for East Dunbartonshire.
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Voters in East Dunbartonshire have been praised for their record-breaking turnout in last week’s Independence Referendum ballot.

The district had the highest percentage of voters in the whole of Scotland.

A staggering 91 per cent of people returned their ballot papers - the highest number of all 32 local authority areas. A massive 97 per cent of postal votes were also returned.

It’s been revealed that 79,011 voters returned a ballot paper from a total registered electorate in the local authority area of 86,836, which included 2,437 new young voters.

In East Dunbartonshire 30,624 votes were cast for Yes and 48,314 for No.

East Dunbartonshire MP Jo Swinson said: “At 91 per cent, East Dunbartonshire’s turnout was the highest anywhere in Scotland, which is a massive credit to local people. This was an amazing display of democracy in Scotland, and I hope this positive engagement with politics will continue.

“It’s vital that everyone, regardless of which way they voted, remains engaged in building a positive future for Scotland.”

Despite Scotland’s overall decision to vote No for independence, SNP MSP Fiona McLeod said: “The number of people who voted in East Dunbartonshire was really incredible.

“The referendum has engaged more people than ever before and one thing is certain, politics is never going to be the same again in Scotland.”

Milngavie SNP MSP Gil Paterson has praised the people of East Dunbartonshire who voted Yes - 39 per cent.

He said: “The high turnout showed how much people throughout Scotland had been politically energised by the referendum campaign and it was a triumph for democracy.”