Debut novel for former doctor

Dr Amanda MacKenzie
Dr Amanda MacKenzie

A retired GP from Bearsden has finally fulfilled her lifelong dream of writing a historical novel about the Gallic Wars in ancient Roman times.

Dr Amanda MacKenzie first came up with the idea for the book in 1994, before e-books became commonplace.

After being rejected by several publishers and with four children to raise - as well as six thousand patients to look after - she decided to put the book on the back burner.

Now 22 years later, after talking about it with her son, graphic designer Jody MacKenzie, she has self-published the book called ‘Scorpio’ with the help of Kindle Direct and Create Space.

Dr MacKenzie said: “My fascination with Rome began when I was 13 years old and in bed with flu.

“I read about the dreadful treatment of the Gauls during the Gallic Wars against Rome led by Julius Caesar. Then I read Caesar’s own account in Latin which offered a new perspective on the story.”