Deal or no deal - parties enter into council leadership talks

POLITICAL parties will start a game of deal or no deal to see who forms the new administration at East Dunbartonshire Council.

With Labour and the SNP both securing eight councillors each, gaining the support of one or more of the remaining groups will be crucial.

Last time out, Labour entered in to a coalition with the Tories.

However, the Conservatives were reduced to just two members - meaning that any kingmakers are more likely to come from the ranks of the LibDems and the independents.

Labour’s Rhondda Geekie said: “I’m really pleased we got councillors elected in Bearsden and Milngavie. we will now have to wait and see about the administration.”

SNP group leader Ian Mackay was bullish about his party’s chances of sharing power.

He said: “We have every intention of being in the administration.

“We will have to sit down and talk about where we go from here.

“I am really pleased we managed to get all eight councillors returned.”