‘David’ group wants funds to take on supermartet ‘Goliath’

eve g hand in
eve g hand in

TAKING on the fight against Tesco’s plans for a new superstore is a bit of a David and Goliath situation, but opponents are taking heart from the fact that David WON.

The community group objecting to proposals for the new two-storey supermarket We Like Milngavie (WLM) - are again appealing to the community for funds to help defeat the plans.

Their spokesperson Eve Gilmore explained: “Tesco, with their resources, will be engaging consultants and a QC.

“We are all together in this battle with the giant intent on making Milngavie just another Tesco Town.

“Our one source of strength is the sheer number of people who value the special character of Milngavie and are prepared to fight to keep it.”

The application for a two-storey supermarket by the roadside on Woodburn Way and the replacement of the present building with a two-storey car park to be linked to the new store by moving walkways was recommended for granting by planning officials.

However, due to the volume of objection from traders and the community, councillors rejected the application and an appeal against that decision will be heard in February.

The formally constituted WLM appealed to the community earlier this year and got funding for the commissioning of a report on the design and visual aspects of Tesco’s plans, to which 150 people generously responded.

Several professionals have freely pledged their expertise at the coming Inquiry but WLM believe the company who produced the visual impact study should be further commissioned to speak to their report and it is to fund this representtion that they are appealing for another £3,000.

Eve explained: “WLM are working with Milngavie Community Council to have Tesco’s appeal refused and now that the plans are available in Milngavie Library, people can see for themselves the monstrosity Tesco intend to impose on the heart of our town.

“We’ve been trying to keep people in touch with what we’re doing and will be happy to keep people informed if they contact a request to admin@welikemilngavie.org.

Eve is appealing for donations and for willing donors to contact through the above e-mail address for details of where payment can be made. She also pledges that if circumstances arise that mean the fee will not be required, refunds will be made.