Darius’s new look is Taylor made

Taylor ferguson and Darius
Taylor ferguson and Darius

MILNGAVIE’S own celebrity hairdresser Taylor Ferguson had a ‘beast’ of a client to look after when fellow resident Darius Campbell paid a visit to his salon.

Singer-actor Darius has just finished making a multi-million dollar TV show for US channel ABC based on the fairytale Beauty and the Beast in which he plays the male lead.

And when he was back home for a flying visit one of his first stops was to see Taylor and have what he described as a “much needed” haircut.

Darius told the Herald: “Hours of special make up each day filming for every scene over several months meant I didn’t have time to think about my personal grooming so when I landed in Glasgow I called Taylor and said: ‘Please help!’

Taylor, who lives with wife Anne in Milngavie, admitted he is always “very chuffed” to see Darius in his Glasgow salon and to catch up with all that’s happening in his life in the USA.

He explained: “Darius called us and said because he’d been playing this beast role he’d let his hair go a bit wild.

“We’ve looked after his hair for years so it’s always great to see him when he’s back in Glasgow.

“We’re excited for him as his new role gives him an opportunity to tap into the US TV scene.

“We enjoy following Darius’ career and have seen him in London’s West End when he appeared in Chicago and Gone with the Wind.”

ABC’s Bauty and the Beast is described as “a fantastical reimagining of the classic fairy tale set in a mythical, dangerous world wherein a beautiful and tough Princess discovers an unlikely connection with a mysterious beast.”

Taylor’s used to visits from the world of showbiz with a string of big-name clients visiting his Bath Street salon over the three decades he’s been there.

Amongst the celebs who’ve been ‘Taylor-ed’ are Penny Lancaster, Lulu, Michelle Mone, Colin and Justin, Michelle Collins, Sarah Harding and Rachel Hunter.

A number of big name footballers and their wives or partners are also regulars in the salon.