Danger at Milngavie's Craigmaddie Reservoir

Concerns that a child could be seriously injured '“ or worse '“ at Craigmaddie reservoir in Milngavie have been lodged with Scottish Water.

Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 4:40 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 4:41 pm
The rusted safety rails on the walkway leading to the tower structure at the Craigmaddie Reservoir, Milngavie.

Local reader Barry Daviso made the claims after pointing out to several Scottish Water employees and the contractor that undertook the recent ironwork/paintwork upgrade that the only real health and safety issue has been completely ignored.

He said: “After recent paint upgrade to the iron railing etc at the reservoir the only serious issue in regards to health in safety was not addressed.

“I pointed out several times to employees of Scottish water and the contractor that there was a serious issue at the Craigmaddie end of the waterworks (tower outcrop).

“This involves a piece of apparatus that is a small tower with a small walkway/bridge that leads to the tower. This is accessible to the general public although one of the middle hand rails are clearly rotted through with rust and the bottom railings are also failing.

“This is a very popular viewing point for children, and it can only be a matter of time before a serious accident takes place.

“There is 20-foot drop on each side of the walkway and further drop at road-facing side. This is simply an accident waiting to happen when a child falls through the damaged and rotten safety railings.”

Mr Davison commented further: “This tower should be blocked to public access immediately until effective and substantial repairs can be carried out.

“I have suggested that galvanised 50mm heavy mesh gauge should be incorporated into the repairs as has beenutilised in other parts of the reservoir for health and safety reasons.

“It is clear that there are several areas of damage associated with existing safety features and you can see clearly one of the middle rails is rusted through completely and broken.

“After closer inspection when passingthe location today it was clear the others rails on the lower section of the walkway also require to be surveyed as they are at a failing stage also.

“I have suggested to the owners Scottish water that a complete health andsafety and engineering survey should be undertaken.”

A Scottish Water spokesperson said: “We have been made aware of concerns regarding the wear and tear of some railings on a tower at Craigmaddie Reservoir, Milngavie. In the interest of public safety, the area has been cordoned off and a repair will be undertaken.”