Cyclists’ fears over ‘needless’ Hillfoot roadworks

Donald Spaeth  concerned about road works at Hillfoot station. 'Photo Emma Mitchell'10/8/13
Donald Spaeth concerned about road works at Hillfoot station. 'Photo Emma Mitchell'10/8/13

Controversial road-works in Bearsden have created an accident danger zone for cyclists, it has been claimed.

It’s been alleged that a ‘needless’ narrowing of the pedestrian crossing on busy Milngavie Road near Hillfoot station will cause smashes as cyclists swerve to avoid it.

They may even have to veer onto the pavement - and could collide with pedestrians.

Dr Donald Spaeth, from Milngavie, regularly cycles the route and he says he is horrified at the modifications.

In a letter to council roads boss Grace Irvine, he said: “The extension of the pavement is highly dangerous for cyclists, despite it being a cycle route.

“The section between Roman Road/Boclair Road is particularly dangerous . Two lanes merge and there is a complicated junction.

“Due to the gradient of the hill, a cyclist is likely to be travelling around 2omph.

“A cyclist unfamiliar with the route will, without warning, encounter the pavement coming into the roadway.

“The narrowing of the road makes a dangerous road more dangerous and it is only a matter of time before a cyclist is knocked off their bike.

“It is also possible a cyclist will go up on the pavement, causing injury to pedestrians.”

A spokeswoman for East Dunbartonshire Council said: “The new design promotes greater safety for cyclists as the road will be resurfaced with buff surfacing material to raise driver awareness and encourage vehicles to drive slowly.

“Cyclists will also have an advanced stop line at the traffic lights.

“We are seeking guidance from Cycling Scotland on the most suitable signage to advise motorists they are entering an area where there will be increased pedestrian and cyclist movement.”

The council spokeswoman added: “Once the works are complete and signage and road surfacing has been installed, cyclists and pedestrians will find that the area is safer.”