Cyclist was not involved in accident on Milngavie Road yesterday

Crash on the A81 today
Crash on the A81 today

A pedestrian narrowly escaped being injured yesterday when a Volkswagon Beetle crashed into traffic lights on Milngavie Road.

The accident happened at about 10.50am near McDonald’s takeaway in Bearsden on the A81.

Car crash on Milngavie Road

Car crash on Milngavie Road

A young female driver lost control of her car and knocked down the set of traffic lights - which narrowly missed a woman, believed to be about 60-years-old, who was crossing the road.

A young male cyclist at the scene witnessed what happened but he was not involved in the accident.

He remained there for a few hours to comfort the pedestrian, who was quite shaken.

The mother of the cyclist said: “My son wants to make it clear that he was not involved in this accident in any way.

Crash on Milngavie Road

Crash on Milngavie Road

“There were reports that a car swerved to avoid a cyclist but this is not what happened.

“He’s horrified to think that anyone may think he caused the crash.

“He witnessed the traffic lights falling and the pedestrian almost being hit by them.

“He stayed with her and gave a full statement to the police.

“People must have just seen him there and jumped to the wrong conclusions.

“There are many people who want to blame the new road layout.”

The road layout has recently been altered, it is less wide than it was previously, due to the council’s ‘Bears Way’ project which involved the installation of a new segregated cyle lane.

Police Scotland say this incident was not a result of the new road layout.