Cyclist claims he’s been victimised

A cyclist who has been victimised for using the road instead of the cycle lanes on the A81 says he’s disappointed by some people’s attitudes.

The man, who asked not to be named, claims that he has been spat at, verbally abused and a car drove dangerously close to him because he was cycling on the road.

He also says that he has nearly been knocked down at the Allander crossing while he was on the cycle lane and a car deliberately blocked his path at LA Fitness/Sports Direct.

He said: “It has become obvious to me in the last week that some local people are going out their way to verbally abuse and intimidate cyclists.

“They want cyclists on the cycle lane 100 per cent of the time not because they are concerned about cyclists safety or vulnerability, but because they see them as an inconvenience.

“The hatred displayed is appalling. Some people think it is OK to pull alongside a cyclist whilst moving and shout at them. Well people of Milngavie - it isn’t. You wouldn’t do that to me walking along the street so don’t do it to me when riding a bike.

“Had I been a visitor to this area I would not be back.”

The cyclist has told his local councillor that he believes the lane should have been extended to Hillfoot pedestrian crossing.

This is because access to the Hillfoot end is dependant on traffic flow, and he says the lane itself is more dangerous than the old one due to crossing traffic.

Gail MacFarlane, East Dunbartonshire Council’s economic development manager, said: “We are obviously disappointed to hear about this man’s experiences. Unlike other European countries, there is currently no legislation to make cyclists use dedicated cycle lanes. The behaviour this cyclist has experienced is unacceptable and should be reported to Police Scotland.”