Cut off after fusebox ‘explodes’

Residents and businesses say they have been left without a phone line and broadband for a month after the fusebox of an overhead pylon ‘exploded’. 
David Wilson told the 
Herald the noise was so loud he thought his car had 
blown up.

Four weeks after the surge from the pylon, carrying 11,000 volts of electricity, knocked out the broadband connection, he and others, including the owner of a local store, are still waiting for BT to reconnect them.

David, who lives at Drumcavel Road, Gartcosh, said: “We were 
sitting watching the 
television at around 10.30pm when 
there was an explosion and a blue flash from the electric socket.

“It was so loud we thought one of our cars had blown up.

“All the lights went out and we lost the television and the computer link.”

David says he has had to go to his local library to use the internet since the incident on Friday, January 29.

The owner of the nearby Premier Express store claims he has lost hundreds of pounds worth of sales by debit and credit card as the paypoint is connected to his phone line.

David added: “We are with Sky but the phone line for our broadband connection is 
rented through BT. We are getting nowhere with BT, who won’t speak to us because we are with Sky.

“It is just not on. Scottish Power sorted the problem with the pylon within a couple of days and we got our 
television back. It’s 
ridiculous we have had to wait so long.”

A spokesperson from BT Openreach said: “Openreach engineers are working to clear a fault in an underground 
cable which provides service to a small number of customers.

“Service has already been restored to some customers but further underground work is required.

“Traffic management is needed to work safely and it’s been agreed engineers will 
return on March 3 to 
continue this work.

“Anyone with an outstanding issue should report this to their service provider who may also be able to arrange incoming call diverts. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.”