Criminals using a pole with hook to steal cars

Pole with hook
Pole with hook

The police are warning local residents not to make it easy for criminals who are stealing cars by using a pole with a hook.

Officers have shown The Milngavie and Bearsden Herald a fishing rod style device which they found near a house in Ravelston Road, Bearsden at the weekend after a car was stolen from the property.

Inspector Henderson with the pole and hook

Inspector Henderson with the pole and hook

They found the handmade device, a pole with a hook attached, after they carried out a thorough search of the area due to the recent spate of thefts.

The police say this method often goes unnoticed by the householder because it’s silent and they don’t realise their car has been stolen until they wake up in the morning.

Inspector Henderson for East Dunbartonshire, would like to remind householders to be vigilant.

He said: “I would urge householders not to leave car keys, bags or other items that might be of interest to a would-be thief visible or accessible near to their front door.

“With the dark nights now upon us I would ask that any security lighting is in working order and that if you have access to a garage then to consider using it for your car overnight and to ensure drive-way gates are closed as well.

“If you are aware of a dog barking, a vehicle being started up or anything out of the ordinary please don’t hesitate to call ourselves to ensure all is in order.

“By taking these small steps it may prevent your house being the target for such an intrusive crime and help you to feel safer within your own home.”

Call 101 if you see or hear anything suspicious.

For further crime prevention advice please go to…/home-and-personal-property/