Thieves raid pensioners holiday fund at Fraser Centre, Milngavie

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Callous thieves have raided a £1,500 holiday fund for pensioners at the Fraser Centre, Milngavie

The robbers broke into the centre overnight on Tuesday, July 23 and stole a cash box from a locked drawer.

Police are investigating the “despicable crime” and are looking at CCTV footage as the centre is based in the middle of the village precinct.

The Centre has now put out an appeal to local people for donations to ensure the much looked forward to holiday at Wales goes ahead.

Centre chairperson Jean Pentland said: “It’s just sickening that somebody could do this.

“They knew exactly what they were looking for. They broke open the door and went stragith to my office which was locked. They went into the drawers and took all our cash boxes.

“We have been saving for a wee holiday in Wales.

“It’s despicable but we are hopeful the holiday will still go ahead if we can raise the funds.”

Anyone who saw or heard anything suspicious overnight is asked to call Milngavie police on 101.