Police investigate after duck shot with bow and arrow

Mallard ducks
Mallard ducks

Police are investigating after a duck died after apparently being shot with an bow and arrow.

On Saturday, April 8, the SSPCA received a call about an injured duck which was at the harbour area of Balmaha.

The mallard duck was located by SSPCA Inspectors and found to have been shot by an arrow. Due to its injuries the duck had to be humanely destroyed.

Two days earlier a person dressed in camouflage clothing was seen shooting a bow and arrow towards a duck near to the shore of Loch Lomond at Balmaha.

When police arrives the person was no longer in the area and could not be found. There was also no trace of any injured birds or animals nearby.

PC Laura Robertson, Wildlife Crime Officer with Forth Valley Division, said: ”The injuries caused to the Mallard duck as a result of this cruel and deliberate attack would undoubtedly have caused significant suffering to this bird. “It’s an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Scotland Act 1981 for anyone to intentionally or recklessly kill or injure a wild bird.”

“We are appealing for any witnesses to this incident to come forward. Anyone who may have encountered or know who the person in camouflaged clothing was, is requested to make contact. We are also appealing for the person, who originally reported this to a nearby visitor centre to call back.”

Anyone with information about this crime should contact Police Scotland on 101.

The SSPCA can also be contacted on 0300 999 999.