High value cars stolen from Milngavie driveway

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Residents are hitting out at a rise in break-ins, thefts and anti-social behaviour in Milngavie.

Concerns were raised after the latest thefts of high value cars in the area.

On Saturday night, a black Audi A3 and a red Audi A3 were stolen from outside a house at Clochbar Avenue.

It is believed the thieves stole the car keys from the property in a “fishing burglary”.

More and more, burglars are going out equipped with a fishing rod or long pole fitted with strong magnet to literally fish for your car keys through the letterbox.

This allows the burglar to drive away in your car, without entering your property or setting off an alarm.

Police have been warning people to think carefully about where they leave their car keys or house keys.

A police spokesperson said: “We always advise people to keep car keys and house keys out of sight as unfortunately some criminals are using implements such as fishing rods and coat hangers to get keys from staircases and kitchen work surfaces to steal vehicles”.

Residents Milngavie took to social media to warn others after the latest car theft.

One resident posted on a community Facebook site: “Something needs to be done about the rise in anti-social behaviour, burglaries and thefts.”

Another said: “We all need to come together and act now otherwise this will just get worse.”

Anyone who can help in any way after the theft of the Audi cars should call police on 101.