Burglars bungle raid on nursery

Ham-fisted burglars abandoned a safe they’d tried to steal from the Lullaby Lane Nursery in Westerton after they set off the alarm .

The early evening Saturday raid drew a blank when criminals somehow managed to lug the safe through a forced window only to find they didn’t have the time or means to loot the contents.

After hauling the safe from the Northview premises they were forced to concede defeat and ditch it in bushes outside.

This was either because they panicked when the alarm was triggered or because the safe was too heavy, or impossible to force open.

It’s understood the safe contained nursery fees in cash, thought to total around £800,. besides keys, phones and a number of other personal items.

Officers on foot patrol nearby had heard the nursery’s alarm ringing, and found clear evidence of the failed burglary – but no sign of those responsible.

The position of the nursery premises means those involved had several ways of moving quickly out of sight.

The policemen had shinned over a fence to get to the scene, and may have missed the burglars by minutes or even seconds.

It isn’t known how the culprits were able to maneouvre the safe out of the window frame, which wasn’t seriously damaged.

Apart from the relatively small amount of cash that would have been taken if the burglary had succeeded the loss of the contents could have been a problem for staff worried about identify theft.

Now police are said to be following a positive line of enquiry into the break-in, which happened around 7pm on Saturday, July 18.

The burglary and its aftermath had no effect on the nursery’s operation, say staff, and caused no significant damage.

Police have appealed for anyone who has any knowledge of the incident to get in touch by dialling 101 or Cimestoppers on 0800 555 111.