Craigend Castle plans rejected

Craigend Castle
Craigend Castle

A developer is angry that his plans for a Grand Designs type of project for a derelict castle at Mugdock Park have been given another knockback.

Mr D Gareth E David had planned to restore Craigend Castle to it’s former glory as a residential home - but his application has been refused by Mugdock Country Park Joint Management Committee (MCPJMC) - which is made up of representatives from East Dunbartonshire Council and Stirling Council who currently jointly own the building.

Mr David gathered hundreds of signatures for a petition which supports his plans and he’s frustrated that the committee is standing in his way.

He said: “I project managed and planned a similar larger restoration project and did 90 per cent of the work.

“My plans for Craigend Castle have been approved by architects and the costs have been checked with suppliers and explained. I have not been offered the opportunity to discuss the reasons for refusal and they don’t make sense to me.

“Everyone I’ve spoken to wants the castle to be restored into a house as this guarantees the tranquility of the park. They are concerned that a commercial hotel development may be allowed there or multiple residences with part of the structure demolished.

“The committee should be putting the wishes of the public above commercial considerations and allow me to start restoring it before the structure deteriorates any more.”

Chair of the Mugdock Park Joint Management Committee, Councillor Eric Gotts, said: “Mr David’s proposal was carefully considered and discussed thoroughly and at length by the Mugdock Country Park Joint Management Committee.

“Mr David was sent a letter advising him that the committee did not wish to proceed with his interest, clearly outlining the main reasons for this.

“There are currently no plans to redevelop Craigend Castle into a commercial hotel and the committee is enthusiastic to see a restoration which is in keeping with the country park.

“The Castle is a C listed building which will also control the future use and any design will need to be approved by Historic Scotland, the planning department, the conservation officer and the MCPJMC.

“The committee has thanked Mr David for his interest in the castle and wishes him every success in any future projects he undertakes.”

A Stirling Council spokesperson said: “Craigend Castle is an important building and the MPJMC is committed to finding an appropriate way to restore and safeguard it.

“Following thorough consideration of Mr David’s proposal, which included taking advice from council officers, the Committee decided not to proceed with it. Mr David was sent a detailed explanation of why his proposal was unsuccessful, and our officers will write to him again to answer his additional questions.

“The committee is looking for a proposal that confidently addresses the challenges presented by this building, not only because of its sheer scale but also because of its listed status. We continue to explore other expressions of interest and would be happy to consider any proposals that are of sufficient detail, are sustainable, with the necessary funding and with a comprehensive business plan.”