Craigdhu and Clober Primary School merger was ‘not discussed’ at Milngavie Community Council meeting

MILNGAVIE Community Council (MCC) DID NOT represent the views of all of its members in its recent response to the council on the primary schools review.

This is according to one member of the committee who spoke out against MCC’s suggested merge of Craigdhu and Clober primary schools.

Donald Hamilton insists that there was NO MENTION of this as a possible option in the meeting prior to the community council’s response being sent.

In last week’s M&B Herald, MCC convener Fiona Risk insisted that the response “represents the views of the whole committee.”

Mr Hamilton said: “Merging Craigdhu and Clober was not discussed at the meeting on January 9.

“Many would not have agreed and if it had been brought up we would have got the chance to respond.

“The closest thing to this was a commitment to retain a school in the east and west of Milngavie.

“Many were unsure what the convener meant by this - she never said anything about Craigdhu and Clober.

“The final report bears no resemblance to what was said at the meeting.”

Mrs Risk said: “It was the consensus of the meeting that there should be one primary school in the east of Milngavie and one in the west. My understanding was that the Craigdhu site was unsuitable for redevelopment and the Clober site was the only option for a school in the west.

“I was tasked to draft a response on behalf of MCC and distribute it for revisal by the rest of the committee. I sent this to all members, including Mr Hamilton, on January 12 and then again on January 20.

“Most members, but not Mr Hamilton, responded with ideas and suggestions - there was no objection to amalgamating Craigdhu and Clober on the Clober site.

“I incorporated ideas and suggestions in the final version sent to all members, including Mr Hamilton, on January 28.

“Since then MCC has held its meeting on February 6 which Mr Hamilton attended. At none of these points did Mr Hamilton comment on or object to the response. He is, of course, entitled to change his mind.”