Craig’s left in a floody mess after burst pipes

Milngavie. Craig McDade in his council flat 18.8.11 Picture by Jamie Forbes
Milngavie. Craig McDade in his council flat 18.8.11 Picture by Jamie Forbes

A COUNCIL tenant is being forced to move back into his house when he claims it is a health hazard.

Craig McDade (41) was abroad when his flat in Lyle Square, Milngavie, was flooded in January after his and his upstairs neighbour’s water pipes burst due to the cold weather.

Unfortunately his neighbour was also overseas at the time so there was a delay in him finding out that this had happened. As soon as he discovered his house had been flooded he phoned East Dunbartonshire Council from Tenerife to give permission to them to force entry into his house to stop the water flowing.

However, he claims they refused and left it pouring through the ceilings and down the walls for 14 days. By the time he returned home all his possessions were ruined as they had grown mould, the bathroom and kitchen were destroyed and a thick grey mould had grown on all the walls.

His bathroom and kitchen fittings have since been replaced but the premises have not been re-decorated and he has been staying in a B&B in Hillhead since January.

Mr McDade, who works as a chef and pays his rent to the council every month, was told that he MUST move back in to his house on Monday as his B&B accommodation was cancelled from Sunday.

He said: “It’s ridiculous, the place is damp and mouldy, you can hardly breathe in there. “The house is definitely uninhabitable at the moment, it would be a dangerous to live in there.

“Mould has dangerous spores which could make me very ill but I’ve been told by a housing officer to just to roll up my sleeves and clean it up myself.

“Surely the council claims insurance for this type of thing? They have completely redecorated my neighbour’s house why don’t I get the same treatment?”

Kenny Simpson, head of housing and communities at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “Following the flooding in Mr McDade’s flat all the major works required to his property have now been undertaken by the council and he received the keys to his flat. The council extended Mr McDade’s B&B accommodation for one week so that he can decorate his flat before moving back in.

“It is unfortunate that Mr McDade had not put contents insurance in place. The council’s housing service always stresses to tenants the importance of having it. To assist tenants with this the council operates its own home contents insurance scheme and this option is still available to Mr McDade should he require assistance in setting it up.”