Cracking down on the bogus callers in Bearsden and Milngavie

DON’T let bogus callers get away with it - that was the message this week from police in East Dunbartonshire.

They are urging the public to help them in their fight against cruel conmen and women.

Police say they’ve received reports this week of youths calling at houses in the Ravelston Road area Bearsden asking for donations for their local boys football team.

Community safety officer PC Siobhan McCandlish said: “This may have been genuine, but we are currently investigating.

“Be wary of anyone calling at your door, especially if they are asking for money or entry to your home.

“Bogus callers may be smartly dressed and could be wearing a uniform, they may claim to be from official organisations such as water, gas or electricity.

“They aim to talk their way into your home to see what they can steal.

“You should never keep large sums of money in your home.”

Last week eight traders were stopped in the Milngavie area on the first day of a year-long campaign being run by Strathclyde police and East Dunbartonshire trading standards in a bid to catch fraudsters.

A spokesperson for the campaign, said: “Although no bogus workers were stopped, many local traders were positive about the crackdown.

“Often rogue traders are not from the local area and have fake mobile numbers so they cannot be traced.

“Some of the top fake traders in East Dunbartonshire offer roofing work and driveway power washing.

“However, any traders who are conducting outdoor home improvements, property maintenance, leafleting or cold calling are also of interest to us.”

PC McCandlish added: “Sometimes they say they are builders or gardeners and offer to carry out urgent repair work.

“They may ask for money upfront and offer to take you to the bank to pay for substandard works - then they disappear whether the work is completed or not.

“Our advice is clear - do not agree to work offered on your doorstep.

“If in doubt keep them out and always report suspicious activity, also try to note registration numbers if they have a vehicle.”

If you are suspicious of a caller phone the police on 0141 532 4400, Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or trading standards on 0141 578 8813.